Breaking: Yahoo Now Testing Bing's Search Algorithm & Results?

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There are two large threads that started over the weekend at WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint Forums with discussion around the Yahoo Search results.

The thing is, I have never seen such a large influx of buzz around Yahoo Search results, at least not for the past 3 years or so. People are reporting huge, I mean huge, shifts with Yahoo's search results.

At first, the folks at WebmasterWorld have called it a bug but some are now suspecting this has to do with Yahoo testing Bing results. Yes, as expected, Yahoo should begin testing the Bing powered results on Yahoo Search any time now. Maybe this is the first signs of it?

Why would Yahoo spend the time drastically revamping their algorithm? Either this is a huge bug or Yahoo has let some people into a bucket testing of the Bing search results.

The thing that kind of makes me feel this is more of a bug than a Bing powered Yahoo is the results. I tried to personally match up Bing and Yahoo results and they are different. Some said in the forum that the results "looks like a mix of bing and google." But honestly, when Yahoo begins Bing powered results, the results of the organic listings, the ranking and order, will be exactly the same as you see them on Bing. Yahoo may throw more visual results at the top, middle and so on, but the organic result should be exactly the same.

Maybe I am not in this bucket test and maybe this is Bing on Yahoo?

What do you see?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint Forums.

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07/04/2010 04:42 pm

Why would a company like yahoo take such a risk..they would tet it behin doors

Barry Schwartz

07/04/2010 05:20 pm

They are testing it behind doors, have been for a while.


07/05/2010 10:30 am

I agree that it is probably a bug. At have been monitoring Bing and Yahoo head-to-head on a wide range of search phrases for some time. While we have noticed big swings in the Yahoo ranking results recently, the correlation between Bing and Yahoo has not yet changed or improved.


07/06/2010 04:01 am

We saw some massive jumps in yahoo organically and funnily enough they replaced our target page with a page one level deeper but less relevant for our core term.

No Name

07/06/2010 11:07 am

This is simply ridiculous. I don't know what the hell is yahoo doing when they are having a huge market share; whats the need of it?


07/09/2010 03:00 am

I think we are all just in the wait and see mode..trying to follow these search engine algorithms is difficult to say the least - that is why we all have different biz models for traffic. Good Luck everyone!


07/12/2010 11:09 am

There was a news from NYT that Yahoo writes news articles to its news querries. While Yahoo doing things to publish news in its search engine that are written by yahoo itself how can they display the organic results exactly what is displayed in Bing?

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