Get Link Value From Your Affiliate Links

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Affiliates and SEOs don't always get along, but at the same time, some of the best affiliates are the best SEOs and some of the best SEOs are the best affiliates. They often go hand in hand, but there is often a disconnect between the two.

Many SEO affiliates look to maximize their links by making sure those that link to them via affiliate URLs also pass link weight along with it.

An excellent "supporters" thread (meaning, you need to pay to see it) at WebmasterWorld talks about strategies to get the best of both worlds. To get people to use your affiliate program, pay them and track them, but at the same time, keep link weight passed by those links.

In short, ZydoSEO, a preferred member talks about three strategies. I will mention them shortly here but feel free to check out the thread after becoming a supporter. (Note, I am not making an affiliate commission by saying this :))

(1) Use normal tracking URLs, cookie the click and commissions and then 301 redirect them back to the main URL. Once the information is passed to the cookie, it should be fine to 301 redirect those links.

(2) Use search engine friendly based tracking URLs, still you want to cookie the click and then 301 redirect them to the proper place.

(3) Or you can try the rel=canonical element, instead of a physical redirect, you redirect search engines that way.

The canonical method is probably the easiest route, but not all search engines fully support it yet. Google does.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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06/28/2010 01:26 pm

If that really works, great!


06/28/2010 04:07 pm

Yeh, but don't you think that Google can easily define affiliate links (money making links) due to affiliate id's or other tracking in the URL and not value them. I think using traditional affiliate programs for link building is not a long term link building strategy and in 90% of the cases does not work even in the short term.

Michael Martinez

06/28/2010 06:06 pm

I'm almost positive there was an old, old GoogleGuy comment years ago where he said that they were handling affiliate links already. There is no link value being passed if that is the case. I don't know about Bing, of course. But then, most affiliates don't want to use rel='canonical' anyway -- as they WANT their affiliate pages to rank in search.

aaron wall

06/29/2010 03:51 am

Hi Michael Up until the day another SEO blogger read my training program content and ratted out our affiliate links they were certainly counting. :D I was ranking an internal page on my site (the salesletter) as high as #13 for the word "book"!

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