Yahoo Begins Testing Bing Search Results Now, Switch Over Complete August/September

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A WebmasterWorld thread points to a recent presentation video by Yahoo and Microsoft of the transition timelines for Bing to begin powering Yahoo on both the organic and paid side of search.

Did you know that Bing is already or will very soon begin testing powering Yahoo's search results? Yes, in Yahoo Search, you should technically see the same organic results that you would see in Bing - possibly any day now. Of course, this is being tested and you and I may not see it, while your neighbor may see it. This should be in testing mode right now.

When will Yahoo switch completely over to Bing? Either in August or September of this year. That obviously assumes that the tests go well. But we are looking for an August or September 2010 transition on the organic side of Yahoo to Microsoft search.

Here is a slide from the presentation that shares those details:

Yahoo & Bing Transition Slide

I am tracking several search results on Yahoo and Bing and will report back as soon as I see them matching. Again, if you see it before me, do let me know.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Postscript: Yahoo sent me this update:

Our goal is to transition algorithmic and paid search in the U.S and Canada in 2010 and we will soon start a series of external bucket tests (note: we’re only doing internal tests today). We will be sharing details about these tests (when they start, etc) with our customers first. So while we're not ready to answer your specific questions today, we would be happy to bring you into the loop when the time is right.

In terms of the transition timing outlined on the slide – as we've said prior, our focus is on providing advertisers with a quality transition experience while protecting the all important holiday season. If we don’t believe we can do both in that timeframe, we will wait until 2011. That is the reason why the slide states that "we may adjust transition timing and dates as needed."

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06/17/2010 03:22 pm

anyone else worried about it being so close to holidays?


06/17/2010 07:21 pm

...and so the absolute dominance of The Google shall be solidified, as users who distrust The Microsoft shall stop using The Yahoo.


06/17/2010 07:23 pm

I wish it was the other way around. Yahoo returns better results than Bing, and so did the old msn/live/whatever search.

No Name

06/17/2010 08:39 pm

I think this is great. Now we only have to worry about building campaigns for two platforms:)

Tom Nolan

06/18/2010 08:05 am

I'm interested to see what happens when the process is complete as this topic will receive a lot of attention on and off line. Will all the talk cause people to switch? will Google's market share suffer at all? Will it turn out to be the end of yahoo as if they're showing Bing results why use them instead of Bing? So many questions...bring it on! At worst Google will react and become even better!

binged up

06/22/2010 01:54 am

Yahoo gave better results than Bing. So I suspect that Google's market share will increase and that Bing will get marginally better market share. Google is just another monopoly in the making . . . and the users have made it that way . . .


06/24/2010 07:40 pm

Actually, bing is more on target with results then Yahoo ever was...Yahoo, like Google now has indexed more spam then ever. Bing is on target and offer accurate results,


07/05/2010 10:23 am

At are monitoring Bing and Yahoo head-to-head on a wide range of search phrases. While we have noticed big swings in the Yahoo ranking results recently, the correlation between Bing and Yahoo has not yet changed or improved.


07/12/2010 08:59 pm

I wish they go back to how they were before

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