Reciprocal Links: Do They Still Work?

Jun 16, 2010 • 8:48 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

We have talked about reciprocal links dozens, maybe hundreds, of times here already. However, a new thread at WebmasterWorld tries to understand the issue, if any with them.

The overall understanding from the thread is that reciprocal links still work and work well. The issue comes up when you do it "excessively" where your links are coming from unrelated web sites and you are linking back to unrelated pages.

Senior member, Whitey is asking if there is a way to automate the reciprocal link request emails to see if they don't appear to be automated and excessive to Google.

Martinibuster, the moderator of the forum goes into the issue:

What has changed in the last five or six years is that excessive recips became a reason for scrutiny. Prior to 2005, there was a misconception that reciprocal linking was white hat- even though Google's webmaster guidelines did not state any such thing. The thinking was that as long as your linking is relevant then Google is going to love it, even if you recip with thousands of sites.

But let's be clear about recent history. There have been bannings of specific reciprocal link networks that crossed the line of "excessiveness." In general, I think it's a good policy to cycle through various link strategies so the backlink profile isn't heavy in any one kind of link.

As one member said, reciprocal links are unavoidable, in a sense.

What is your take?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

06/16/2010 05:41 pm

Reciprocal Link Emails are EVIL INCARNATE so automated reciprocal link emails are D***ED EVIL INCARNATE. So designing automated emails that don't look like automated emails is just plain low and disgusting even by the scum of the Earth standards that apply to reciprocal link emailers.


06/17/2010 09:12 am

We have a link to each of the sites that we have designed on our website, and most of the sites that we design have links to us. Obviously, from a content perspective they have little if anything to do with our site, but I still think is a fair and well earned link. Am I correct in assuming this will not be a problem as long as we have other incoming and outgoing links and don’t solely rely on these links.

Colin McDermott

06/17/2010 09:50 am

There is a concept of 'natural' beneficial recips, say between 'partner' type businesses who have a legitimate working relationship ... and personally I'd encourage them, in moderation. The 'networking' of recips and 3-way links that was abroad a few years back, rightly now deserving of opprobrium.


12/19/2011 10:23 pm

Reciprocal links do work if it's content related and not "excessive". Website Design

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