Is Google News Getting Spammy?

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Over the past month or so, I have seen an increase in the number of complaint posts in the Google News Help Forum. Now, these complaints are mostly complaints about spam sites or irrelevant sites coming up in people's news alerts on Google News.

The thing is, there have always been complaints. Just it seems the complaints have increased. The increase can be due to a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • More people using the forums
  • More people using Google News
  • More spam in Google News
  • A broken algorithm but we know that got better

So I won't go out and say Google News is now worse than it was three months ago. But I will point out the Google News forum is much more active, in regards to spam reports, than it was three months ago.

Michael Martinez who has a keen eye to stuff like this posted a complaint in the Google News Help forum, which did not receive a response. He wrote:

Over the past few weeks I have increasingly found personal blog "articles" populating Google News query results (I mean, and not news injections in Google's Web search results).

These articles are usually irrelevant, ill-informed, opinionated, foofy, frivolous, amateur thought-meanderings that don't even remotely resemble news stories.

I'm sure you're trying to improve the service but this is NOT an improvement. I rely on Google News Search every day for both personal and professional research. The noise-to-signal ratio is screamingly out of balance.

Please undo whatever you did to include all this useless fluff from personal blogs in Google News Search.

Do you think Google News is any less relevant than a few months ago? If so, why?

Forum discussion at Google News Help.

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06/01/2010 01:48 pm

I havent seen a decrease in quality, but the last few months I have noticed a fair amount of bad publishers. Frequently tends to be just one or two bad apples generating a whole lot of spam.


06/01/2010 01:56 pm

Google News can be improved by reporting the spammy sites; there's a forum for this and a contact form, too. Saying a general "Google News is spammy" won't help at all.

Elmer Fudd

06/01/2010 04:26 pm

There is a new WSO out on gaming G news and it appears to be very popular in places that offer WSO's for free using nefarious third party upload sites. People are posting that they are having success with it. I have to wonder if this is behind the spammy stuff in G news.

Michael Martinez

06/01/2010 06:42 pm

methode, given all the detailed reports that apparently have had little effect on the problem, I felt it was time to point to the elephant in the living room. It looks like Barry may feel something should be said, too. If a new gaming technique has been developed, I hope the Google News Team gives a priority to this problem. I am finding these crappy sites in all sorts of queries.

Elmer Fudd

06/01/2010 07:22 pm

LOL! I did a search to see if any other bloggers were talking about it so I went to G and searched for google news spam Then I used their fancy new left column features to limit my search to blogs then to within 24 hours and is this post number 1? kinda This post is... www jatinmahindra com/2010/06/01/is-google-news-getting-spammy/ (dots removed to avoid a link) Doh!


06/01/2010 08:10 pm

Michael, if you observed the detailed reports in the News forum, then you probably also observed that Inbal takes care of those as soon as she can. Pointing to the elephant in the living room won't lead to a solution; you need help to get rid of the elephant... If you see a site in the News index which you think shouldn't be included, please do report it. Rest assured that someone will look into it as soon as possible.

Michael Martinez

06/01/2010 11:20 pm

methode, people who just focus on the details tend to miss the big picture. Try looking at it from the user's perspective. This is something algorithmic and they need to look for the pattern, not just sit on their asses and wait for spam reports.


06/02/2010 07:10 am

I'll say it again, if you see a site in the News index which you think shouldn't be included, please do report it. At specific Google properties it's common that they use user reports to make the service better, eg. they teach their algorithms (see Translate)

Michael Martinez

06/02/2010 07:21 am

I'll say it another way: I'm not here to do a site-by-site report listing for Google. They have more than enough information to see there is a problem.

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