Google Not Showing Number Of Results & Return Time

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There are two threads with reports from Google searchers that Google has dropped the estimated number of results and time to return the results from the Google search results page. We have threads at Google Web Search Help and WebmasterWorld with people noticing it missing.

Here are screen shots, with the help of Think Mantra.

With the estimates and time to return results:

Google Drops Estimates?

Without the estimates and time to return results:

Google Drops Estimates?

I personally do not see the estimates missing, so I grabbed the second screen shot from Think Mantra.

Jimmy Deheeger from the Google team implied it might be a bug. He suggested "clearing your browser's cache and cookies." Or maybe it is a test and clearing your browser's cache and cookies would take you out of the test?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help and WebmasterWorld.

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No Name

05/31/2010 06:51 am

Yes. not showing number of results & return time in the IE browser only.


06/01/2010 03:53 pm

confirmed. i have been seeing it all day in multiple browsers, from multiple IPs on multiple machines with no rhyme or reason. I get the feeling it happens more often in chrome - but i haven't really tested.

Bla bla bla

06/01/2010 08:36 pm

I had to delete my cookies to display them back.

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