Google Pleading With Searchers To Stay After Redesign

May 11, 2010 • 8:31 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

When Google launched the redesign last week, many hated it but Google said they are sticking with it, even if some say referrals are down. Since Google is adamant about sticking with the new design, Google is on occasion pleading with some searchers to try it out and give the new design a chance.

Googler, Rubie, in the Google Web Search Help forum responded to one complaint in a long but somewhat funny manner. Here it is:

It pains me to witness the tragic unraveling of a technological love affair. Clearly you're beyond the "We need to talk" phase, but I still think there's hope for your relationship. I, too, was shocked by the new Google search results page when I first saw it. Where had my beautifully textured G-O-O-G-L-E gone? And who invited Left-Nav to the party? It was like my mom had changed her cheesy potatoes recipe and ruined Thanksgiving forever. Nevertheless, out of respect for the Goog, as my friends like to call it, I gave it a whirl.

Shortly thereafter, I did a search for [bridal shower ideas] and, to my surprise, the old Google was back. I guess it was just an experiment that came and went. What luck, right? Wrong. Despite my initial resistance, I had actually started to like to new interface. I could so easily toggle between images, blogs, and videos for the perfect combination of ideas on how to put together the ideal shower. Was I a traitor? Was I betraying the old Google by embracing the new one? I decided that I didn't really care because I was getting exactly the info that I wanted.

I understand if you recall with longing another time with a different Google results page, but Google is not ready to give up on its relationship with you. You're free to search wherever you like, but know that Google will be always be waiting for your return.

How classic is that? I mean, seriously, how classic is that?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Michael Martinez

05/11/2010 05:19 pm

Google's search results were never good enough to entice people to switch to it for those results alone. We switched to Google because of its clean design and interface. This current mess just sucks.

Rob Abdul

05/12/2010 09:06 am

It is common for people to resist change. I'd love to have the old Google back, but soon enough I think I will grow to like the new look. I think the Left-Nav was long overdo.


05/12/2010 12:28 pm

"Classic"?? That's not classic. It's an age-old psychological manipulation technique used in everything from classic psychotherapy, to modern "NLP" bullsh*t. You speak in story mode, while 'covertly' teaching the reader how you want them to think. In other words, creating sheep for one's own goal. I know you think Google "must be right". I think their tinkering sucks. But their too arrogant to listen to the dirty masses.

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