Don't Ask Googlers For Help & Lie To Them

May 5, 2010 • 8:27 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

There is a nice number of Googlers paid to help webmasters in the Google Webmaster Help Forums. In one Google Webmaster Help thread, a webmaster noticed his site dropped in the search results and came to the help area to ask a Googler for help. The issue is, he lied - and it was a bad lie.

He ended his post saying, "I know nothing about these SEO thing." But then Googler, JohnMu, looked at his web site and on the site it said that his company is a "professional SEO company." John said it well, so let me quote him:

I'm a bit worried. On the one hand, you mention that you "know nothing about these SEO thing" - on the other hand your site mentions on that you're a "professional SEO company."

That being the case, John has looked past the little lie and asked him to elaborate on his issue so he can help him out. Isn't it nice that even after being lied to, John wants to help him out?

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Brian Mark

05/05/2010 12:40 pm

It could be that they are telling the truth. Many "professional SEO companies" don't seem to know anything about SEO lately.

Kim Clink

05/05/2010 01:54 pm

John Mu is too nice...seriously he is. You would think that he would be burnt from all his years working with webmasters but he is as nice as can be....I doubt I would be able to dig up that amount of patience ;)


05/06/2010 04:10 pm

Was it just me who was reading this subject as two seperate advices? :) 1. Don't Ask Googlers For Help 2. Lie To Them


05/06/2010 08:17 pm

Hi this is hiren soni. And I am the guy who posted that query on google. And I respect Mr. John very much. And I want to inform him that, it is true i own that site and we do SEO things. And yes its true that i dont know anything about SEO because I am a database administrator and my employees are looking after these remaining things. SO its not all about lying or anything else. I was just asking for my knowledge. Thanking You All.

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