Google Showing "Brands For..." In Google Jazz Interface

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Malcolm Coles spotted a possible new feature in Google Search. This feature is only in the colorful Google Jazz interface, and shows up for searches like [digital cameras], [cheap laptops], [label printers], [fishing rod] and others. Basically, Google is showing "brands for" the products you are searching for. For example, if you search for digital cameras, Google may show you Canon, Olympus, Sony and so on in this top brand filter.

Here is a screen shot from Malcolm:

Google Brands For...

This seems like a pretty interesting play for shopping keywords and I wonder how one can get their brands in here.

A Google Web Search Help has one person saying it shows for a search on electronic cigarettes. This person asked the obvious question:

Where are these brands chosen from? How do we get listed in these results?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Update: Greg Power from Labelzone tells me that he sees the 'brands for' feature and he not in the new Google Jazz user interface.

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Niall Buchanan

04/29/2010 04:07 pm

It also happens for hotel searches as well, for example type in "hotels in edinburgh" and google gives you options of : Boutique - Luxury - 5 star - Guesthouses - 4 star

Robert Enriquez

04/29/2010 08:22 pm

I spotted this yesterday, and last night wrote about how this will Kill Online Businesses

Miriam Schwab

05/01/2010 08:30 pm

Did you notice that when you do a search for cheap laptops, Apple is one of the brands offered? Last I checked there was nothing cheap about Apple laptops.

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