Google AdSense Tries New Layouts & New Features Ads Light Bulbs

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A WebmasterWorld thread has a couple AdSense publishers reporting that Google is testing a new AdSense layout. The new layout hows the ad title and ad description on a single line. This is instead of showing the ad title and then a break and then a ad description.

Here is a picture of the new ad format, which I found on Digital Inspiration:

AdSense One Line Look

Another thing I noticed, which may not be all that new, is that Google AdSense Featured Ads, which were initially marked by a gold star are now marked by yellow light bulbs. Here is a picture of what those light bulb ads look like:

AdSense Features Ad, Light Bulb

Here is the previous version, the gold star version:

Google AdSense Feature Ad

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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04/29/2010 06:50 pm

The above ad unit is a custom ad unit - not Google testing a new ad layout - they don't provide non IAB sizes for default layouts.

Becky Sharpe

04/30/2010 12:36 pm

Yes, I spotted a couple of light bulbs identifying "featured ads" earlier this week in a standard layout.


07/28/2010 02:15 am

Yes this weird ads appear on my site, sometime shown start and sometimes mark with bubble light bulbs what that's mean? I cross to the internet and i found this article thank you for sharing. Nice info.

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