Google Says Trailing Slash & Non-Trailing Slash Are Different Pages

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Google posted a blog entry on how Google handles URLs with and without trailing slashes. For example, how does Google handle versus

Technically, Google would consider them unique pages if they didn't have the same content on them. Google said:

Google treats each URL above separately (and equally) regardless of whether it's a file or a directory, or it contains a trailing slash or it doesn't contain a trailing slash.

But Google isn't dumb and they know "trailing slash and non-trailing slash URLs often serve the same content." So they suggest you pick one and stick with it. Redirect the one you choose not to be your main URL to the other, so if you pick you want a trailing slash, then redirect the non trailing slash. Similar to what I do at versus

This is nothing new, we discussed this in 2004.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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04/26/2010 01:51 pm

So do you think it's a good idea to setup a redirect for every single URL on your blog sending visitors to which ever version (slash or no slash) you chose for your primary urls?


04/26/2010 02:32 pm

My websites all do this already (redirect no-slash to slash). In Wordpress blogs this happens automatically, but I found out that it doesn't work well for the blog's homepage link. Wordpress generates the link without the slash, even if you change it in the settings. Even if you modify the template to include the slash, the feeds still contain the no-slash address of the homepage. This is hardcoded into Wordpress itself. I'll look into a plugin that fixes this...

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