3D Google Maps Street Views Quick Key (T or 3)

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Yesterday, we reported the Google Maps 3D Street Views are now back in action. But then I only reported that right clicking on the map was the only way to turn them on. I was wrong.

Alvin from the Google Maps team said that when you are viewing a street view image on Google Maps, you can press either the T or 3 key and "something fun will happen." That something fun is the 3D view will turn on. I tried it, and it doesn't seem to work on Chrome on a Mac, but it does work on Internet Explorer on a PC. Here is a picture:

3D Google Maps

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04/22/2010 04:48 pm

It does technically work in Chrome, but ironically you have to give Flash the focus. To do that, you click once anywhere on the street view area. Then, hitting T (or 3) works. Of course, what's the point of keyboard shortcuts if you have to use your mouse first. Now I just have to determine the keyboard shortcut for giving Flash the focus, and we're good to go.

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