Searching Old Tweets Got Easier With Google

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Twitter has a lot, a lot, of content and finding old tweets can often not be a fun task. Google just made that a bit easier with Google's Twitter Archive Search. The best description of it is to just play with it, try it by clicking here.

Here is a screen shot that shows the tweets for the keyword [earthquake] over time, with a timeline:

Google Twitter Archive Search

Also, Google placed Twitter's logo at the bottom of the search results - something I don't remember seeing on Google before. It reminds me of when Google powered Yahoo Search and we saw a logo that read, "Powered by Google".

Google Twitter Archive Search

A WebmasterWorldthread has some comments on this, including one that I really don't get:

yikes, public chat that can be archive and saved forever.

These are public tweets, you or I can read any public tweet and store it in a database. If you do not want something you say to be saved forever, then don't tweet it publicly. Yea, I know, you may want to delete old tweets, but still, someone, somewhere may have a record of it.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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No Name

04/15/2010 06:04 pm

Hmm, that is really interesting. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have an extensive amount of information, so it is a good thing that Google is helping websites optimize better by making it easier to look through them. For search engine optimization and Internet marketing firms, it is important to know what was already taken live, so that duplicate information is not posted. Thanks for the added resource!

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