Gaps In Roads on Google Maps, Don't Drive Off Virtual Cliff

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A Google Maps Help thread reports that although there is a road that completely connects to each other, Google thinks the road has a gap in it. Since Google thinks there is a gap or ending to the road, the driving directions will not take someone all the way around.

Here is a screen shot of the virtual gap:

Google Maps Virtual Gap

As you can see, the satellite imagery shows the road continues on, but Google seems to end at the arrow (which I added to the image). You can see the full driving directions laid out on Google Maps over here and you can zoom in to the gap over here. What is interesting is that if you do switch to walking directions, the gap is noticeable, but the directions continue.

Since this is an issue in the UK, Google's mapping provider will have to fix the issue.

But I do not believe I have seen an example of this before.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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Michael Martinez

03/19/2010 05:36 pm

I see this all the time. I suspect it simply has to do with how far the cam-cars and bicycles can go in a single day.


03/24/2010 11:38 am

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