Google Hungary Shows Italy's Colors On Hungary's National Day

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Reported via the Google Web Search Help forums, Google Hungry's web site yesterday was sporting a logo for Hungary's National Day, which was on March 15th. The Google Doodle reportedly had the wrong logo.

Here is the Google Doodle as shown on Google Hungary's web site yesterday:

Google Hungary National Day

As you can see, the colors in this cockade is green to white to red, from the inside out. But the Hungarian cockade is red to white to green. Here is a picture of it:

Magyar kokarda

The one Google displayed was the Italian cockade.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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03/16/2010 02:15 pm

Lots of Hungarians use the version displayed by Google, because it is not common knowledge which is the "correct" version. But it doesn't bother anyone, because we think each version is Hungarian. Nobody thinks the version displayed by Google is Italian.


03/16/2010 05:09 pm

That's a great mistake for Google. I have never heard or seen such things anyways Google is a giant family and such things can happens once in a while.

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