Bing Recommends W3C Compliant Code For Better Indexing

Mar 3, 2010 • 6:46 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

A Bing Community thread has a Microsoft Bing representative telling SEOs that W3C complaint code can help with indexing content.

Brett Yount, the program manager at Bing Webmaster Center, said:

Clean code can help quite a bit in indexing on all the SEs. If you are just starting out, I suggest finding a W3C compliant template.

We all know that Google said time and time again that validated code does not get a ranking boost, but they never said it wouldn't help with indexing and crawling. Clean code, which can be validated through the W3C's tools, can make for more efficient crawling and possibly faster indexing.

This is at least according to Bing.

Forum discussion at Bing Community.

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Michael Martinez

03/03/2010 06:45 pm

Perhaps they are making the same point that many people in the SEO community have already noticed: while you get no points for complying with W3C standards, at least you know compliant code isn't broken. Broken HTML elements can (though it does not always) unintentionally hide indexable content from the search engines.

No Name

03/03/2010 07:06 pm

Good note but it can also be understood as it doesn't work for keyword ranking as every SEO focus mainly on that! However at this point all major search engines are concentrating on real time search!


03/03/2010 09:15 pm

While dirty code is known to cause issues in some cases, just because a rep from MS says something doesn't make it true. The site in question has no backlinks being the site is brand new - plain and simple.

Bill Kruse

03/04/2010 11:09 am

I can remember, years ago, Google did briefly suggest W3C level validation was a good thing. They didn't say it for very long, but they did say it. BB

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