Xerox Wants To Copy Some of Google's Money

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I covered the news that Xerox is suing Google & Yahoo over an alleged patent infringement. In short, Xerox has two patents they feel Google and Yahoo is using, in some form, and they want money.

Xerox is known for their copy machines, by the way and that business, as I understand it, is not doing too well. For more about the law suit, see my article linked to above.

Here are comments from WebmasterWorld on the lawsuit:

There are two sides to every side of the story.

Wreaks of Xerox trying to do a cash grab.

xerox ... isn't that a printer company?! ;-)

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Note: I just landed in Jerusalem, after an 11 hour flight. I am typing as fast as I can, so please excuse typos, grammar and any non-sense.

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02/24/2010 01:24 pm

Don't speak so ignorantly. Xerox is not just a copy/printer company. They are the best copy/printer company and it is a very large market. Print isn't dead, it's just not part of our lives the same way anymore.

Barry Schwartz

02/24/2010 02:19 pm

I thought I was being funny.


02/24/2010 02:46 pm

I met one of the marketing team of the European division of Xerox and he commented on how much it's confused for just a printer company. I get the impression that it sends them mad.


02/24/2010 03:05 pm

Actually, Xerox has been known as a huge IP company since the 70's. Come on folks, don't tell me you've never heard about their PARC division (which is now a separate company now, still owned by Xerox). You're talking about the company that built the first 'personal computer' and then gave Apple the idea for mouse and the GUI (which MS copied).

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