Google Book Search Dropped Search My Library

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A Google Book Search user is upset that Google has dropped the search within your Google Book Search library feature. He expressed his complaints in a WebmasterWorld thread. He said:

Then a couple of weeks ago, I logged in and I can no longer restrict my search results to items in My Library.

For me, this is the primary way I use Google Books. First search my library. If I don't find it, search more broadly. If I find something good in general search, add that book to my library. If you will, it's like manually controlled personalized search.

It's true, I do not see a way to search only my library, even within the advanced search feature.

This must have changed when Google updated the My Library feature in late January.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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No Name

02/17/2010 09:44 pm

That's easy. Just visit the bookshelf you are interested in (or visit My Library if you're interested in your whole library)... then add &q=thequery to the end of the query string, where "thequery" is your search term. The search results will be limited to only that bookshelf or your library.


02/22/2010 02:33 pm

No Name... can you please elaborate cos i am not able to follow what you wrote. I tried it but it didnt work. Thanks.

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