Google Calculates Kelvin to Celsius Wrong: Thanks WolframAlpha

Feb 17, 2010 • 8:15 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

If you want to find out the conversion of kelvin to celsius, do not use Google. A Google search for [kelvin to celsius] returns the wrong calculation. Google returns 1 kelvin = -272.15 degrees Celsius.

kelvin to celsius

This issue was brought up in a Google Web Search Help thread. Since I do not know the first thing about these types of conversions, I decided to see what Wolfram Alpha had to say about the calculation. The same search on Wolfram returns the correct calculation:

kelvin to celsius

272.15 is wrong, but 273.15 is correct.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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02/17/2010 01:30 pm

Hey hey 0(Zero) Kelvin = -273.15 Celsius 1 (One) Kelvin = -272.15 Celsius // Use the brains buddy ... Or check your basic fundamentals right .. The screen shots are taken 1 K for Google Search and not 0 K ... where as u tried to compare with just 0 K Neways ,,, next time dont post nonsense


02/26/2010 09:30 am

1 Kelvin = - 272,15 Celsius (correct) 0 Kelvin = - 273,15 Celsius (correct) 1 Kelvin = - 273,15 Celsius (!wrong!!!) Google's transformation is right!

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