Now Google Is Matriarchal Biased

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I just love it when people make assumptions about political, race and other forms of bias and negativity based on the Google search results. We had political bias examples, race examples, a bit of both and so many examples of either Google search results or search suggestions implying a bias on Google's part.

Next up, Google is now being matriarchal biased. How so? A Google Web Search Help thread has one person who is feeling hurt by a search result. One guy said:

I just typed in "slavery and fatherhood" in Google, looking for a book of that name. On the page it says, "did you mean slavery and motherhood?" When I put in "slavery and motherhood" it doesn't ask "did you mean slavery and fatherhood.". Why is that?

It is true, give it a try with [slavery and fatherhood]:

Google Matriarchal Bias

I personally find this funny - which is why I bring it to your attention.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Ken in Maine

02/10/2010 08:28 pm

My impression is that to a certain extent, the "do you mean" suggestion is based, in part, on searches others have conducted in the past. If folks get their act together they could figure out how to Google Bomb "Do you mean" with all kinds of funny stuff.


02/11/2010 03:31 am

I think people need to stop being so damn sensitive, policital correctness and the like has just gone too far.


02/11/2010 05:20 am

Indeed it has, and so has the false assumption that women are always the victims while men always have the power. Feminists have long equated motherhood and marriage with female slavery, which is absurd. We need to return to a normal, healthy society.

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