Bing Too Easy To Rank Well In?

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A funny WebmasterWorld thread has an SEO scratching his head in wonderment as to how he ranks so well in Bing, without really having any SEO reason to be. Let me quote what he said:

Right now my two-month-old site, with NO backlinks established but good internal content and linking (not SEO'd, just logically laid out), is #1 in Bing for a term that surprised the heck out of me... related, yes, but seriously American Express or Mastercard or any number of established entities should be #1 on these terms. They are #2 and #3.

At first I thought it was maybe some kind of local thing... that those companies are nowhere near me, but my site IS near me and therefore it's showing local relevant results first? But nope, if I remote into a server in a datacenter on the other side of the country and run a search from there it's #1 there too. Crazy...

In Google, the site is half way down page 3 for the same term, about where I expected it would be given its age and competition.

I'm certainly not going to call up Bing and complain about it, but it's freakin weird.

I was hoping, like for me, the thread would make you smile after a long week.

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Andy M.

01/29/2010 03:52 pm

On the flipside, I've seen websites that rank well in Google fair rather poorly on Bing. That said, I don't think ranking in Bing is any easier. It's a new SE, it's different, and we're still trying to wrap our heads around how to cater our sites to it. Sometimes it does funny things (as in this case) and we don't really know why.


02/01/2010 06:03 am

I agree that ive seen websites that rank very well in Google but barely show in Bing which is painful but not a large concern at this time. As for ranking #1 for such a competitive term but could it be that all the competitors were doing sketchy and have been punished?

Richard F

02/02/2010 01:23 am

I agree, it is easier to rank higher in Bing. The search engine is not as sophisticated and results are not as relevant. This is particularly more apparent in other countries such as Australia. Bing does not seem to reward maturity of links as much, so it is easier to get quicker results.

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