Google Launches Social Search

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Google has launched the very neat social search feature yesterday. I am honestly surprised there is not more discussion around it in the forums. We covered it three times, first for the demo, then when it went experimental and then with some technical issues.

Well, it is now live. On by default. Honestly, I don't believe it impacts normal searches unless you specific choose, "show options" and click on the social feature.

Google Social Search

But when you do, it opens up a world of new searches based on your online social profile (which you may or may not have).

Google Social Search

Here is my social circle as found by Google:

Google Social Search Circle

Here is my social content:

Google Social Search Content

Here is a detailed look at the "paths" on how I am associated to one of my contacts, JohnMu at Google:

Google Social Search Paths

Video Demo:

Pretty neat!

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Darrin Ward

01/28/2010 06:51 pm

I don't see anything about social here. Nothing in Google Profiles and no "Social" link as an option when I search.

Mohan Arun L

01/30/2010 08:49 am

I dont see this option ("Social") either - as of now - Jan. 30 1 AM PST in my Google search (even after signing in). But the "social circle" link works when directly typed in on the address bar, but a link to my social circle doesnt yet appear from my Google Profiles page.

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