Google Suggest Leads to 14 Year Old Stripping

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We asked earlier today if Google should censor non-adult search suggestions. Google does censor out adult-oriented or illegal suggestions. But often they do not get censored unless someone really points it out in a public setting.

A Google Web Search Help thread points out the next upsetting search suggestion found on Google. Now, it isn't upsetting to me that Google is showing it, it is upsetting to me why Google is showing this. I'll explain in a bit. Here is a picture showing the search suggestion for [14 year old stripping].

google 14 suggest

Yea, Google is showing a search suggestion for [14 year old stripping.] Why? I guess because it is a popular query associated with the number 14. People who enter in 14 into Google are very likely to search for [14 year old stripping]. That is what is sad to me.

In any event, Google will remove the both adult-oriented and illegal search suggestion soon enough.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Update: Google has removed the search suggestion and updated the forum thread explaining why:

Thank you for alerting me about this inappropriate query suggestion. The phrase that you reported falls into the category of pornographic terms that we'd consider for filtering from query suggestions. Will let you know if there are any updates to share.

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01/11/2010 02:03 pm

That is sickening.... So sad....


01/11/2010 02:30 pm

Wait thats not the end. I tried to replicate the search and went a bit further with 15 -18. People are looking for "15 year old girls breasts" and "18 year old virgin" and google suggest them as well. Sick


01/11/2010 02:30 pm

While I've said it before, I'm against censorship... But this is a whole other argument! Shocking is that people are actually searching that, but more so that Google hasn't picked it up as illegal. Surely by serving an actual result for that phrase Google themselves are aiding illegal activity and should surely be charged? I'd really put that on a par with selling illegal guns - you might not be doing the robbery, but you certainly aided the crime. In this case their can be no legal way to serve those results!

No Name

01/11/2010 02:49 pm

Besides the suggested queries, has anyone actually clicked to the search results to see what Google serves up?

No Name

01/11/2010 02:55 pm

I clicked on the search results and it shows news from a few months back in which Texas sued a 14 year old stripper who was allegedly kidnapped, assaulted, and forced to work in a strip club. So INTENT is a little hard to discern. You maybe have one group of searchers who heard of the news or read one article and decided to search to learn more. And then you have another group whose intent is pedophilia. Of course right now, SERountable is top of page for this search query.

Barrie Adams

01/11/2010 03:55 pm

My concern is for children who will be searching terms containg their age, I for one am hoping this get's dealt with quickly as I don't want my daughter accidentally clicking a suggested link she may think is relevent to her. Come on Google - stop being lazy, remove these suggestions!!! BTW, is there a petition up anywhere? I'd like to sign or create one, but don't know where the best place to do this is.


01/11/2010 05:51 pm

Wondering if these legal action against Google Suggest will create an "easy" way to report offensive terms.


01/11/2010 06:49 pm

Maybe a lot of people are just looking for 14 year old wallpaper strippers? I personally think this is disgusting. Google really need to get this fixed as I for one sometimes click the suggestions when they popup in front of the search box just as I'm about to click. Yes, this is just annoying, but if I was greeted with those results I would be shocked. It's also quite sad that people are searching for those terms!

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