Google Sends Me & Others Wrong Local Business Center Reports

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Google Local Business Center LogoThis is a pretty bad slip up by Google. The Google Maps and Local team seemed to have sent out a batch of updates on how well a business's Google Maps listings are doing, but to the wrong businesses.

Last night, just before 10pm (EST), I received an email from Google about how well my local business listing is doing in Google. The issue was, it was not for my business! It was for a place called Polk Mechanical based in Texas. That is exactly 1,576 miles away from my business's location and would take me a full day to drive to, according to Google Maps.

Here is how well Polk Mechanical is doing in Google Maps:

Google Local Business Center Mess Up

I am not the only one who saw this. There is a report of it in Google Maps Help forum, David Dalka got one, so did Mike Blumenthal and Danya Henninger.

I emailed Google about this and I hope to get an understanding of why this happened.

The data shared by Google here is not all that sensitive, but it is still data.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

Update: Google sent me a statement, it reads as follows:

As you're aware, we send a monthly newsletter to our Local Business Center users, featuring product news and a glimpse at the Dashboard statistics which show the traffic Google properties drive to their listing. Shortly after sending the newsletter to a small portion of our users last night, we discovered that some emails included incorrect business listing information. We promptly stopped sending any further emails and investigated the cause, which we found to be a human error while pulling together the newsletter content. We'd like to sincerely apologize to all the business owners impacted and assure all our users that we're working hard to ensure that nothing similar will happen again.

Update #2: Google sent an automated apology to those who received other companies information:

Google Maps Apology

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Andy Beard

01/07/2010 02:54 pm

The "Oh F%^&" moment comes when you ask whether they have sent Polk Mechanical, or maybe a bunch of anti-trust lawyers an email appologising for sending their private data to one of their competitors.

Brian Russell

01/07/2010 03:20 pm

Pretty big goof by the folks who want us to trust them with the world's - and your own - information. It'll be interesting to see if there is any fallout, and how the PR folks will handle it. FYI: I can tell you now how the "Center for Massage & Natural Health" is doing on LBC.

Melih Oztalay

01/10/2010 02:07 am

Hello, This is a good reason why the local business and the small business cannot rely on one local business listing website. There are many other local listing websites out there and consumers are posting reviews at multiple locations. Google has it’s own local business listings and allows consumers to post reviews. So does, Yahoo, Bing, City Search/Ask, Yellow Pages, Yellowbook, and the list goes on. Although, all of these local listing type websites will be seeking out the consumer to visit their website and post a review about a local or small business, I think the local and small business will become overwhelmed trying to monitor all of these websites. As you can imagine a solution already exists for the local and small business. At KillerStartUps a company was recently reviewed providing Local Business Listing Management servers for local and small businesses. You can read up on KillerStartUps perspective of this at: Although, this will be a time consuming effort for the local and small business to manage their local business listing at multiple websites, this is the first time that the Internet is actually helping the local and small business. Hopefully, this business group can be early adopters for a change and embrace the technology so they can benefit sooner rather than later. Great discussion here. Thanks.

Matthew Hunt

01/11/2010 05:35 am

Crazy. Be interesting to see what in the world they will about this.

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