Bing Support Rep Still Not Admitting Lack of Canonical Tag Support

Jan 6, 2010 • 8:09 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

Two weeks ago, we reported that Bing doesn't support the canonical tag at all. I kind of blasted Brett Yount, the Product Manager of Bing Webmaster Center, that he kept on saying Bing uses it as a "hint."

Today he comes back into the forum and answers a question related to it in a Bing Forum thread. Brett said, "to my knowledge, we have very little support for the canonical tag."

Brett, is it a "hint" or nothing at all. "Little support" is not the same as no support, which is what we heard from others directly at Bing. Also, what does "little support" mean when it comes to the canonical tag? Does it mean that you treat the canonical tag as a 301 redirect or not? It can't mean you do both - can it? Maybe it means that if there is a canonical tag and a 301 redirect in place, doing the same action, Bing will treat it as a redirect (I am being sarcastic here).

I just don't get it.

Forum discussion at Bing Forum.

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05/04/2011 07:02 am

as so i was thinking the same.. my site is coming at top and they are showing what i want them to show.. ( my new site here.. i had redirected it 2 months back ) and now bing and yahoo both are not showing new url.. i mean common after two months ? what the heck is this

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