Google One Box Blindness

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An early WebmasterWorld thread is discussing the topic of Google One Box "blindness." Google One Boxes are those enhanced results you see at the top or within the search results of Google. When they first came out, there were hard to miss, but now SEOs and maybe some searchers are subconsciously blocking them out, like they would ads?

Here are some examples of "one boxes":

Weather One Box

Movies One Box

Local One Box

News & Pics One Box

Latest Results One Box

Google Video One Box

Get the point?

Do you think all this injection of special "universal search" results, as well as Google owned content (i.e. YouTube, weather, google groups, blogspot, definitions, etc) is going to eventually suffer from "one box blindness"?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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12/22/2009 02:12 pm

Forgive my ignorance, but is a "onebox" not where the answer to a specific question is presented in the SERP, e.g. "inches in a yard" or "time in orlando"? I don't see what's very "one" about a series of local listings, or a video result.

Anthony Kenny

12/22/2009 03:25 pm

Very good point. I have been blocking out some of the 'OneBox' results for while now without thinking however when I am interested in a specific story my eyes are drawn to them more. I guess it depends how sensitive we are to the information being displayed at the time to how much we notice them.


12/22/2009 03:48 pm

It's a matter of quality - what am I supposed to do with e.g. a movies showtimes section (too short to be useful)?

Jason Ivers

12/22/2009 04:24 pm

Those things annoy me... I don't mind the searches returning them, as they are occasionally useful, but couldn't they put them over on the side or something? It makes the search results much less clear... and the clarity of results is one of the reason I first switched to Google many years ago.

Shockley Au

12/29/2009 07:00 pm

I'm blind to the News one boxes. In addition to being cluttered and an eyesore, more often than not they are from news sources that I'm not familiar with. As for the other universal search results, I'd prefer that they only be shown upon mouse-over, other than direct queries like "convert _____ to _____." I haven't seen any of the major search engines implement or test this yet, and I'm not sure why.

Damian Yerrick

07/13/2013 11:16 am

How do I "mouse-over" on a phone?

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