Google Drops For Google Definitions

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Earlier this month, Google dropped as their definitions provider. A month ago or so, Google would link from the word "definition" to, now Google links to themselves.

For example, a search for [definitions] shows a hyperlink named "definition". Here is a picture: Dropped for Google Definitions

When you click on it, it now takes you to Google Definitions at In the past, and since early 2005 it took you to

I have not seen a thread or complain about this until today - so I guess most people didn't take much notice. The thread is at Google Web Search Help and it reads:

The "definition" feature Google has in its search page includes lots of features including comprehensive dictionary, pronunciation of words, translation to many other languages, all this gone, I have noticed its format was changed recently to a very simple uninformative format, very very disappointing! I was using it quite a lot.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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12/19/2009 03:42 am

I have not minded this at all - I use the feature a lot more often now as I find it a bit more seamless. The simplicity of it is what appeals to me. It's surprising that they had not done this years earlier considering Google's general desire to keep it "in the family".

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