Banned Google AdWords Accounts Will Likely Never Be Unsuspended

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As you know, Google has stepped up disabling and banning AdWords advertisers. The bans result in the advertiser not being able to set up new accounts and Google is stricter about who they ban. In fact, I am getting phone calls and emails from people complaining to me that their accounts are banned (I cannot get accounts unbanned, so please do not call me).

There should be an appeals process, but does it work? I doubt it.

An old Google AdWords Help thread has been updated by AdWordsPro Bindu. Bindu said, in black and white, plus bolded a sentence:

My answer to that would be almost never will account be unsuspended. Once an account is suspended, its hard to get details on the exact violation (I, for example, have no insight as to why accounts are terminated). That said, it almost doesn't matter, because once an account is suspended, Google reserves the right to terminate all future advertising with AdWords.

Got that? It seems like the appeals process won't make much of a difference. As Bindu said earlier in that thread, "though I would not want to raise your hopes, I recommend you write in to support for a re-evaluation of your account. They will be able to follow through with a final word on your account status." Good luck.

Again, I feel bad for those being banned - but I personally cannot do anything for you, so please do not call or email me.

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No Name

11/28/2009 09:20 pm

This is not true, there is a process to get an Adwords account unsuspended.Please SEO post this sirs so I can help these people.


12/03/2009 05:31 am

My google adwords account got banned today ! I have the account for over 5 years and all I was running recently were some affiliate offers - via proper landing pages using Wordpress Blog - all very good. Till the account was banned Google was giving me 10/10 for my Landing Page Quality scores ! And now they say I have had an egregious violation of their TOS ! Incredible ! No warnings nothing - just abruptly terminate my account. And of course, the mighly google thinks that the offense you have comitted warrants that YOU ARE BANNED FOR LIFE ! That is the most incredible part - even hardened criminals get a second chance and parole - but hey if your landing page violated Google's sensibilities they dont think you EVER can change ! This is totally insane and must be stopped - Google is out of control, out of touch with reality. I suggest that ALL google Adwords customers who have been banned, come together and FILE A HUGE class action suit against this 800 pound gorilla . Where are the lawyers when you need them ?


12/03/2009 06:43 pm

Considering how much of the search market G has garnered over the years, I wonder if the FTC would be interested in this as a Anti-Trust violation. Not that they don't have enough on their plate already, but it really smells of MONOPOLY and market wrangling.


12/03/2009 06:49 pm

Hi. I also got banned from adwords this morning similar to rons post. Said something about my landing pages and said i am banned for life and if i try and open another account it will be banned too. They said my landing page was not proper. wierd!


12/03/2009 08:54 pm

My wife got her Adwords account banned at around 8:30 PM last night. Then my own Adwords account got banned around 2 hours later. Unreal! And all for the same nonsense reasons as stated above. I mean, what is wrong with telling the advertiser exactly WHAT he/she did wrong and offer a remedy on how to immediately FIX the problem? Why no warnings FIRST? Google has seriously lost it's head!


12/03/2009 10:10 pm

Just like a bunch of totalitarian a-holes that they think they know what's best for everyone else. How very Federal Government of them.

No Name

12/06/2009 11:37 pm

There is a huge sweep going on to clear things up at Google..However, you all are banned now, but whether you choose to stay banned is up to you, there is a legitimate way to get a 2nd chance at building your business, please contact me

Daniel Meyer

01/06/2010 02:41 am

I got suspended from Adwords as well last week. Adwords would not even tell me what I did wrong(!!!) I am just researching how to open a new account and not get banned again... Don't forget to checkout my Adwords suspended blog:

Allan Katz

03/02/2010 09:04 pm

Have you thought about having someone else host your account on another computer and using Go To My PC. I have clients that do that. I manage their accounts and they've reinstated their accounts under another name and account.


10/11/2010 11:59 am

I am with google to have the right to protect themselves from suspicious activities. I am with google to suspend some accounts for limited time. But for some people to fear even to post their name in this blog!! This is so far!!! What is google? It's me and you, then everyone is part of this search engine game and we are part of making it even exist. Why are they acting this way? We are talking about business which coast so much money and efforts which is not that easy. For google to come to give your competitors the higher hand over you is something really wrong. For google to come and say so rudely you ads will never show in adword again is so brutal. I do belive as business owner we are going to struggle with google adword system. But one day we will set the rules no matter how far they go. Seem to me they forgot that google was just a dream one day like all of our dreams came to life because of us.


04/17/2011 06:50 pm

how to I go about it then


05/01/2012 02:01 pm

Dale Brian D, how can I get my Adwords account unsuspended?


12/19/2012 12:41 am

I know this is a while after the post, however, have you managed to get unbanned? Thanks, Ryan


06/27/2013 06:54 pm

Google Adwords customer service is terrible.. this lack of a customer-centric approach will hurt Google, and yet they go ahead without regard for honest mistakes.

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