Google Bug Removes Web Designers in Local Pack

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Now, if you do a search for web design, web development, or most digital agency like queries, with or without a local qualifier (i.e. web design new york), Google won't show the local 7 pack. Mike Blumenthal covered this well, but it needs more attention.

In the past, a search for [web design, suffern, ny] or a search for [web design] when Google knows your location, would trigger a 7 pack that looks something like this:

Google Maps 7 Results

Now, the same search triggers no local pack, just search results, like the old Google results. Here is a picture:

Google Missing Local Pack

There are two large threads about this at the Google Maps Help thread. In one of those thread, Googler, Linda said on November 11th, "Thanks for your reports. I will look into this issue and get back to you."

Then Brian B from Google explained on November 18th what is going on. He said:

This looks like it's closely related to the issue going on at the thread I've linked below. We realize there's something going on here, and we initially pushed out a fix a while back. There was a little hiccup with the fix, which is probably why the results in Fresno may have gone back up and then back down as addoctane mentioned above.

The team is working on this issue. Stay tuned to the thread below where I will post an update as soon as I hear one.

Thank you all for your persistence!

Back in late October, there was a bug we covered where Google would show a single one box instead of 7 business results. Google fixed this bug in early November, which seemed to trigger a new bug with [web] related local queries.

Google seems to be working on a fix for this bug as well and hopefully it will be resolved shortly.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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Nick Wood

11/24/2009 01:59 pm

Google maps are terribly inaccurate and just lack integrity, coverage and customisation. If it wasn't for convenience I'm sure no-one would use them. I've seen So much better from ViaMichelin maps for accuracy and for route plans and directions, at least they do not get involved in such politics Long live the Michelin man.Funny it's Mike Blumenthal mentioned above as Heston Blumenthal is a famous Michelin starred chef in the UK, Offcourse Viamichelin are part of the Michelin group so qulaity is assured.

Michael Bay

11/24/2009 02:02 pm

I liked Nick's comment about google only offering a basic mapping solution. SO many other companies do it much better but are not as famous. ViaMichelin business is a good start though. This is a good little spot for Google lovers and haters, mainly haters if you do your research.

Jim Rudnick

11/24/2009 04:11 pm

thanks the money and point too...helps having this resource available to monitor same, eh! Jim

Ian Lockwood

11/24/2009 04:59 pm

Have you noticed that using intitle:web design/er or inanchor:web designer etc. gives the "We're sorry..." response, even if you haven't made another such query for weeks!? Not related to maps, but it's interesting that "web designer" (or just design for that matter, I get the same for "graphic designer") seems to be manually blocked by Google from its advanced operators.

Jordy Pickel

11/25/2009 03:04 pm

I personally prefer having no map for searches like "web design". With these kind of searches, people are looking for companies for their talents and their reputation, not their proximity. True, you probably want a web design company that is relatively local, but the map results are more appropriate for restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores.

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