Google Rich Snippets Coming To Smaller Sites?

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Back in May, Google launched rich snippets that enabled webmasters to markup their HTML with richer data for Google to display. For example, you can often see results from Yelp and other sites like it for reviews that display reviews in the Google results. Here is a picture:

Rich Snippets at Google

In fact, most webmasters said they will markup their HTML to take part of this richer snippet experience. Then in September, Google added a rich snippet testing tool because although many marked up their HTML, they never knew if it was actually working because Google rarely displayed the richer snippets for smaller sites.

Now, I am hearing via a WebmasterWorld thread that some smaller webmasters are now noticing rich snippets being displayed for their sites. I tried a few sites myself and was not able to see it myself, maybe he is hitting a different Google data center. I do hope that rich snippets do make its way down to more sites so that the playing field is evened up a bit.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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11/12/2009 04:48 pm

I marked up my content (just a bit but enough to show these stars). And I also applied to the experiment via their URL. But it's strange no one else is reporting. I almost 100% sure I have not been the only one following the above steps.

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