Google Keeps Banning AdWords Advertisers

Nov 6, 2009 • 8:49 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

Back in late September, Google began mass banning AdWords advertisers. A couple days later, after pushing Google for a response, they offered somewhat of a lame response. I was hoping to see Google come back to the thread and answer more questions, but they did not and it sat. That is until now.

A new thread at WebmasterWorld did spark a comment from AdWordsAdvisor. This was about a "one million dollar advertiser" who was banned. So Google replied saying:

I know the comments in the previous thread have been taken seriously and that your comments here will be taken seriously as well - and we are exploring what changes can be made to the way this is handled.

Okay, so Google is taking this issue "seriously." Additionally, Google is "exploring what changes can be made to the way this is handled." Interesting... So it appears Google will continue to ban, but possibly better handle how they ban advertisers? I am of the understanding that Google is looking to better communicate how and why the bans are happening? But I am not sure.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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No Name

11/06/2009 02:38 pm

I would say stern actions here would safeguard both advertisers and publishers.


11/06/2009 04:04 pm

Ads in one of our ad groups stopped showing because we were using trademarked terms. I received no notification, so I didn't notice. That happened on September 10th and I discovered it the day before yesterday. Woops. The Ad Diagnostic tool was very helpful in figuring out why the ads weren't showing, but it would have been good to get some notice.

Tom Hale

11/06/2009 09:53 pm

I am not so optimistic Barry. Albeit this is the first real indication from any Google spokesperson to my knowledge that there might even be a problem to take seriously let alone think about how to avoid such problems in the future. But it could also just be lip service to try and quiet that particular forum, or placate that particular large advertiser. I wouldn't have said that in August. I am so much more cynical because of how this purge has been handled. -T


11/06/2009 11:53 pm

My account is suspended today. I find out that when I contacted support regarding credit card declined error. And they send info about ban. I'm with them since 1st day of adwords, and I did spend a lot od money on ads and now they don't even reply to my emails. I'll wait and see, hope to get my account back.

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