MSN Home Page Gets a Major Face Lift

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The buzz of the day is that Microsoft unveiled a new home page design for MSN. You can see the new design at Let's compare the current and the preview:

Current: MSN Home Old

Preview: MSN Home New

So much more refreshing! As Greg Sterling noted, the MSN portal drives nearly 50% of Bing queries - that is significant.

The MSN Blog takes us back through the years, starting from 1995 through today - looking at the various MSN designs.

Here is a video from the design team on the changes:

<a href="" target="_new" title="New MSN Homepage is unveiled">Video: New MSN Homepage is unveiled</a>

Overall, I think many are happy with the new design.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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03/18/2010 11:51 pm

I hate msn's new page, my husband hates it, everyone I know that has msn hates it. Guess I'm glad we are changing over to Comcast tomorrow. Won't have to deal with it.


03/19/2010 02:47 am

Can you tell me how to get the old msn page back? I hate the new one. I can't find anything on it. I guess I will have to switch if you can't change it back. It's AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


03/19/2010 03:54 am



03/19/2010 04:02 am

Absolutely HATE the new home page - the new one is lame and less sophisticated than the previous one. Two Steps BACKWARD MSN

Hal Lohr

03/19/2010 05:30 am

I know this is going to sound bad but I liked MSN because it looked professional. Now it looks like a wimpy version of yahoo. I'm an informed and educated person. I don't care about the fashion sense of the shallow and famous. You blew it on this one.


03/19/2010 02:41 pm

HATE it too!! With all the negative comments--how come nobody listens?? change it back!! at least for the ones who request the old page back.


03/19/2010 02:46 pm

HATE IT TOO!! With so many negatives why don't you listen and change it back to the old page?? at least for those of us who prefer the old!!


03/20/2010 01:31 pm

Hate it. Two big thumbs down! :(


03/20/2010 09:52 pm

I hate to use the word "Hate" but that is how I feel about the new MSN home page design. I have tried to convince myself that it would grow on me but it's not happening. I am now switching my home page to something other than MSN.


03/21/2010 02:03 pm

You guys have managed to screw up a good thing. Just like "new coke", and various other companies that had half baked marketing schemes. No one I know likes this page. No options, and it just sucks. I won't get use to it because it sucks. Change it back. Clever and refreshing? No. it sucks!!!!!!!!!Did you hear that it sucks?

Brent Koenker

03/23/2010 01:41 am

Hate It!!!


03/25/2010 11:47 pm

please PLEASE give us back our old home page. I do not like the new one at all.


03/26/2010 05:56 am

Hate it... please put it back or I will have to change it. Why not give us a choice?


03/26/2010 05:56 am

Hate it... please put it back or I will have to change it. Why not give us a choice?


03/27/2010 02:47 pm

Why fix what isn't broken?The new page STINKS!!!I had my original Homepage showing what I want to see-now I have to look at YOUR version of what I want to see...GIVE ME MY OLD PAGE BACK!!!


03/31/2010 12:35 pm

I wqant my old home page back. This new one is terrible!!!


04/04/2010 05:22 am

Want the old page back! Bing sucks! This is one time change is not good.

Richard J. Long

05/02/2010 04:12 pm

What were you thinking ???? get rid of my msn home page.Bought a new computer tried to find old msn page. No luck.I see you can use XP for business with windows 7. Whsy not Windows home? I had msn from day one.


08/09/2010 02:32 am

i hate this new shit keep ,it like it was


08/09/2010 02:34 am

i hate this new shit keep ,it like it was return my old msnbing

eve holley

09/04/2010 03:12 am

why change the page this new one is so boring i want the old one back and so does everyone

bainy babe

09/13/2010 01:34 pm



11/01/2010 07:25 am

what was wrong with the old msn homepage?i can see it getting little face lift,but nothing like the new one.everytime i turn my computer on,i dont like what i see.THANKS ALOT,I HAVE TO PAY FOR SOMETHING I DON'T LIKE!!!!!!!!!


11/01/2010 05:52 pm

why did microsoft chang out that pretty hompage for this,the only reason why my wife likes it,is for the stuped games.the only reason i keep it,it searches & finds things that others can't.PS JUST UPSET


11/03/2010 07:37 am

aol has a brandnew home page,thats where I went


11/18/2011 09:01 pm

who the hell likes the new msn front page?? its hard to navigate and it looks so cheap?/ i spose it was an ex university kid who gets paid lots of money for his opinion?? and a pat on the back! msn should ask the users in a poll on the front page!!! i bet it will come out everyone hates it!!   msn will be losing users before they think again because the chiefs dont spend time  looking at it first ! they are all to busy playing golf and leaving it to the ex uni idiots trying to warrant there jobs! BRING BACK THE OLD FRONT PAGE IN BLUE!!!!MSN LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS FOR A CHANGE!!!!

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