Google Pushes Fading Home Page Test To More, Adds Instructions

Oct 30, 2009 • 9:01 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Earlier this month, Google began testing a simplistic fading in home page. Some loved it, but mostly, I have seen complaints about it. It seems like Google has pushed this test home page to many more people. I have seen a spike in posts about this in the Google Web Search Help discussion area, plus a new thread at WebmasterWorld.

The new push seemed to have one minor, but significant change to the fade home page test. As the SEW blog reports, Google added instructions, informing users to "Press enter to search." Here is a screen capture:

Google Home Page "Press Enter"

Now, if you need instructions on how to use a simplistic design, does that mean the simplicity is simply not there?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and dozens of threads at Google Web Search Help.

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Martin Maybruck

10/30/2009 01:28 pm

Sometimes less is too little Was the person who came up with this idea fired?


11/12/2009 04:35 pm

Who in there right mind would do this to the home page. They should be fired ! you have left millions without a clue ............ I'll use yahoo if thats what it takes....


11/16/2009 06:53 am

But pressing 'enter' to enter data is such a basic skill. Its like learning to put a full stop after a sentence.

Grant Wiggins

11/16/2009 05:59 pm

Could this be more about getting rid of I'm Feeling Lucky? By dismantling that shortcut, Google forces searchers to be exposed to AdWords impressions. I'm Feeling Lucky was costing Google, in the sense of opportunity cost. In place of I'm Feeling Lucky, Google instructs people on how to use a search tool they already know how to use. Your thoughts?

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