Goodbye GeoCities: Yahoo Shuts Down GeoCities Today

Oct 26, 2009 • 8:53 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Yahoo Topics

geocities yahoo logoAs pre-warned, Yahoo is closing the legendary GeoCities software today.

This is a serious thing on the search front. Let's not forget what Google's, JohnMu, Tweeted "Surprised at how many serious sites are hosted on GeoCities: get a domain name and move your stuff out NOW!" Now he would know the value of some of these GeoCities sites.

Yes, if you have not moved your content, images, videos and sites to a new platform - they will likely be forever gone and forgotten.

An end of an era

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Robert Write

10/26/2009 04:20 pm

Hard to believe but I created my first website at Geocities when people who knew HTML were called geeks. Unfortunately a lot of people will be losing the data, although yahoo did their part of notifying users in advance. I will personally miss it.

Prarthana Sharma

10/26/2009 05:42 pm

So, we will loose the information on the geo-cities or it will it be redirected somewhere? I do not know whether it is co incidence or what...from yesterday i have been searching one of my old site in geocities.

No Name

10/27/2009 07:12 am

The question is what will happen to Geocities if Yahoo will shut down it or Yahoo we create another search engine like Geocities.


10/27/2009 01:54 pm

My first ever website was on Geocities... Black background, animated Gifs, the whole works :)

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