Google Webmaster Tools Showing Sub-Sitelinks

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I know Google has been showing many variations of sitelinks in the search results for a while now. I also know, Google began showing Sitelinks for specific sub domains and sub directories for about a year now. But I have personally never seen them shown in the Google Webmaster Tools area, to be managed.

A DigitalPoint Forums thread has a screen shot of one webmaster noticing the ability to manage the Sitelinks within Google Webmaster Tools. I am sure this is not a brand new feature, but like I said, I have never personally seen such a configuration in Webmaster Tools.

Here is a picture:

Sub Sitelinks in Google Webmaster Tools

I assume when you click on the link, it then takes you to the available sitelinks for those pages and then lets you block them ones you dislike.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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John D

11/14/2009 07:55 am

Yes, one of our sites just got site links like that created in the Webmaster tools. And yes, there is a feature to open the folder up and block the site links that are irrelevant. What is interesting, Google updates the list practically next day, to keep the quantity of site links steady.

04/30/2011 06:03 am

Hi Barry, On webmaster tools, my sitelinks show 8 link. but when i search on google, my domain not showing sitelink.. why? thanks Irwan

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