Woman Loses Unemployment Checks Due To $1 Per Day Google AdSense Income

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Lawyer's Unemployment Benefits Yanked Over $1 A Day From Blog from Forbes reports that a woman who was earning $405 a week in unemployment benefits had those benefits pulled by New York State after she began earning about a $1 per day with Google AdSense on her blog.

Forbes wrote:

Does writing a blog constitute work? That appears to be the position of the New York State Department of Labor, which recently declared a laid-off attorney ineligible for unemployment benefits because she was bringing in $1.30 a day from blog ads.

The NY DOL felt that the check from Google, which is filed as a 1099, made her someone who was self-employed. So they stopped her unemployment benefits even though she earned a total of $238.75 with Google to date. The DOL will look into this specific case, but has decided to hold payments until they have a chance to do so. Meanwhile, this woman is in very bad financial shape.

WebmasterWorld moderator said:

It would make a lot more sense to simply deduct the amount from their next unemployment check.

If unemployment insurance completely penalizes people for miscellaneous small earnings, instead of making common-sense adjustments, that would create a strong disincentive for benefit recipients to do anything productive.

When did Government make any sense?

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'Big' Bill Kruse

10/13/2009 07:50 am

The point of this law is it maintains the status quo. The wealthy, having no need of benefits, can develop what skills they have and enrich themselves further. The poor, no matter what potential they might have, are forever denied the chance to develop to the point where they might become self-supporting. This suits the wealthy just fine, but works against the interests of the community as a whole as many of those whose endeavours might develop to the point where they benefit their community are denied the opportunity to work. The law itself is anti-social. BB

Michael Moshkovich

10/14/2009 12:05 am

This just makes me angry. Instead of rewarding people for trying to get off unemployment they make it harder. How are people supposed to try and start a business when the first penny makes them ineligible for benefits? MM

Reflux Symptoms

10/15/2009 02:02 pm

This is just nuts! How can she live on $1 a day and how did the Department of Labor even find out about the Google money. Like a previous commenter mentioned, I would think the $1 a day would reduce the benefits she's receiving at most.

No Name

12/05/2009 02:03 pm

I guess she'd been better off to just sit on her behind and do nothing. The system rewards people for not doing anything to improve their lives. What a shame!


01/05/2011 01:03 am

crazy people this days man ...

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