Google's "Show More Results" Plus Box

Oct 12, 2009 • 8:48 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

More and more people are noticing Google's new more results user interface, where it shows a plus box, instead of taking the user to a site command like search result.

You can likely reproduce the plus box yourself for a search on sitelinks. You will notice the page looks like this:

Google More Results Plus Box

If you click on the blue link plus box that reads, "Show more results from" it will expand to show you five additional results:

Google More Results Plus Box

Then it will add the option to take you to a site command search, on a new Google search results page, if you want that.

This is something Google has been doing or testing since early August of this year. This was the old way:

Google More Results From New

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Dennis Sievers

10/13/2009 06:59 am

Hi Rusty, I just wonder if "normal" people will really use it. We see it, and discuss about it and wonder what opportunities it can or could bring us, but people like my mom, dad or g/f never look at those things. They click away on whatever they like or seem interested in, but dont seem to care for these kind of things.

Simon Tsui

10/13/2009 05:49 pm

I noticed the "more results" Google search feature from day 1, which was WAYYY back in the day. The plus sign is more user-friendly.

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