Yahoo Drops The Meta Keywords Tag Also

Oct 8, 2009 • 8:41 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine Optimization

Update: New story named Yahoo's Senior Director of Search Got It Wrong, Yahoo Uses Meta Keywords Still.

It is official, no major search engines use the meta keywords tag for ranking purposes in their search algorithms. Yahoo's, matter of fact, announcement of this on Tuesday during the Ask The Search Engines: Best Practices Edition at SMX East conference was a bit of a shock.

For a long time, the industry some what made fun of Yahoo for using it (at all) for ranking purposes. Then, during the Q&A period of the session, Cris Pierry, Senior Director, Search, Yahoo said at 2:09pm (EST), that they no longer use the meta keywords tag for rankings. In fact, Yahoo stopped using it a "few months ago," said Pierry.

I was a bit taken back, and so was Danny Sullivan. Danny asked Cris, why didn't Yahoo announce this? Cris basically shrug his shoulders. I then asked Cris, "are you sure?" Cris gave me a look, the look like, that was a dumb question, since he is the man now behind Yahoo Search.

So there you have it, you can now stop wasting your time with it cause Yahoo doesn't even use it. Oh, well, if you use Yahoo paid inclusion or use a custom search feature, you may want to continue to use it, but outside of that - no need.

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Andreas Pfister

10/08/2009 02:15 pm

Thanks for clarifying and confirming this. It seemed as if nobody trusted Chris' declaration :)

Jill Whalen

10/09/2009 02:36 pm

Actually they still index it. I ran a test and my page shows up in Yahoo for my special word. So it's just search engine propaganda again. Still, I have not used meta keywords in years and wouldn't change my recommendation on that.

No Name

10/11/2009 10:49 am

Is google using the meta keywords

Carlos Machado

10/18/2009 11:57 pm

Hello Friends, If the keywords do not more help us in SEO, how can we discuss this issue?! Let us take to study and apply the existing rules for the search engines.

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