Google Asks For Feedback On 'Fade In' Home Page

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TechCrunch reported yesterday that Google is testing a new home page that fades in. Seriously, it fades in, here is a video:

Personally, I don't get it - I don't see the value in this at all. I tried to email Google for a statement, but did not get a response yet. I did spot a thread by Googler Jaime hinting at this, at Google Web Search Help. He said:

Many of you may be familiar with Google experiments, you may even have been included in one in the past. We're constantly testing tweaks -- both large and small -- to various aspects of Web Search, from its look and feel to new features to "under-the-hood" adjustments we think may improve your Search experience. Well, beginning today we're running experiments with our homepage itself, and some of you may now be seeing (or will soon see) some changes to the design and behavior of

Why would Google do this? How does this actually help the user?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Update: Here is a statement from Google on this:

At Google, we run anywhere from 50 to 200 experiments at any given time on Google sites all over the world. Right now, we are running a small experiment of a new Google homepage design that shows links when a user mouses over the screen. This is just a test and a way for us see whether our users will celebrate an even simpler search interface. More information about how Google runs experiments can be found here.

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John Adams

03/19/2010 07:44 pm

SUCKs. Still not too late to GIVE UP THESE GIMMICKS and work on features that are actually helpful / useful.


03/20/2010 02:09 pm

Stupid and useless. They're afraid of Bing. Bing will never catch up, it's not like Brown vs. Cokeley. Google should stick to their root principle: K I S S.

John Lemon

03/30/2010 01:51 am

I hate it, totally useless. The effect appears on mouseMove Event. Its just a stupid effect that is really useless and inconvenient for usability.

Robert Bernstein

04/05/2010 02:59 pm

I really, really hate this! It is the sort of annoying thing Microsoft does. For months I have been trying to figure out a way to turn off this stupid effect. At least Microsoft lets you turn their irritating new effects off!


04/06/2010 01:57 pm

How do i get rid of this fade thing. Annoying or what? Postle

Rahul Rajbhoj

04/09/2010 03:55 am

There is problem occur in google. When i open google and start typing in google textfield, then after that also the links are not fade in. It irrited me. I hate google fade in effect.

Anon 'o Hurly

04/15/2010 07:33 am

Where are the user interface OPTIONS. Name one company that provides a wide range of user INTERFACE *options* for their web search/product. Name one company that allows you to persistently turn off *all* of their "fancy" "ideas". What is this mentality of hard-coding the UI and forcing a "new" "fancy" idea on everyone. It's sheer arrogance in my opinion. Everyone needs to be aware that it's not right and everyone should speak-up and take a stand against it.


04/17/2010 02:51 pm

i like it.


04/19/2010 03:13 pm

I hate it. Please Google do turn it off by default. I dont need eyecandies like that slowing my work.

annoyed still

04/21/2010 08:11 pm

042110 For all you still struggling with this 'fade #$%$^*', I will post this again. Try this streamlined version for the google homepage. No fade, and the two google 'more' links on the side are actually quite productive when needed. Give it a try, you will like it, just like the good ole' google. Enjoy.


05/03/2010 01:02 pm

Just another pointless waste of time.


05/10/2010 09:03 pm

most annoying ux i've seen in a long time. I move my eyes before I move my mouse... looking for links that aren't there makes me think they aren't there.


05/21/2010 05:02 pm

Bing has become my new thing. I hate the new fade. I also hat the new sounds they have added to their home page. I liked the little graphic themes but sounds have to go. Just be a good search engine already.


05/22/2010 05:49 am

Hate it! my business is in the UL and when you search personalised it's fine on first page of search then on the second page it convert to personalized....not good google


05/22/2010 11:19 pm

Apparently Google is starting to show signs of corporate bloat. It's an old familiar story: small nimble company explodes into politically driven behemoth, rife with decision-making that serves the concerns of its various internal political factions more than its external customers. More specifically in this instance, it looks like certain product managers at Google thought it would be cool to lay claim to the fade-in feature on the world's most visited home page regardless of whether that feature might squander millions of hours of customer productivity every year.


05/30/2010 10:15 am

Are you stupid google? FADE???? We are past 1999, wake up !


06/11/2010 12:55 am

Hate the fade...if I want anything other then web (and I know what I want BEFORE I go to the page), I have to wait for the fade to complete before knowing exactly where the link is. So backwards - I need to get work done, not waiting on useless stuff some *^#()) thinks is "kewl"


06/29/2010 06:41 am

i hate the fade in, if it aint broke,dont fix it


07/10/2010 07:39 pm

I hate it. I have as my homepage, so when I launch Firefox and start typing an url in the address bar, their javascript moves the cursor to the search box!!! WTF? I was typing!!!!!


07/12/2010 07:08 am

Bells and Whistles are useful for trains and ships. Google is primarily a search engine. Consider that, when seeing the fade for the first time, i had just made XP shanges. I spent a VERY long time trying to fix something that search finally tells me you did on purpose. Also consider that there are 400 million users in China. At ten seconds per fade-in, that's 4 BILLION user-seconds wasted each time is displayed. Take away the fade. Speed is WAY more important than cool. I'm 68. I don't have TIME for cool.


07/24/2010 01:13 pm

I don't see how this focuses on the important page elements at all, it actually distracts you from the search as all the other crap fades in. I guess their real goal was to get users for their other products, so this crap about studies can't really be trusted. Lol at employees liking this change, what are they gonna say, "no Google, I don't like this"? FYI doesn't have this problem, so just use that.


09/15/2010 04:39 pm

It struck me that either the google employees are so fund of their logo that they like being interrupted in their search process, or that they actually don't use google themselves as a tool. I found out that adding in my case "" to my restricted site list in ie, made google work for me again.

James Jones

10/15/2010 10:12 am

Fabbo dabbo dosey!!!! Google fade is no more it seems. Guess they sacked the skript kiddz and got in some real user experience people. I found it by accident when playing around with a different browser that did not have my usual .../firefox home page configured. Poof" The menu she is THERE:-))))) Many many THANKS to whoever in Google finally saw sense. Hopefully we won't get any CPU killer logos now either. Don't get me wrong I love the logos, just give me logos that don't cause my PC to keel over for minutes on end.


10/20/2010 03:01 am

I said on July 12th that bells and whistles were for trains and ships. Change for change's sake is a waste of cycles in both the Google internal and user communities. It sort of makes me think of the Federal government. Too many workers with too little to do. Concentrate on performance and useful features. Thanks for removing the fade-in.

F. Google

10/21/2010 09:25 pm

Regarding all major software companies, one would think that after ten years a user interface would be more customizable than it was before and preserve user familiarity instead of breaking familiarity every 8 months. The past ten years, user interface changes have been a result of bored product teams, not user request and the lack of user options is arrogant, period.


05/19/2011 01:41 pm

Praise the invisible lord that google got rid of this crap. At the time I couldn't believe their naiveness, saying about how they WANTED people to notice it....a total idiotic plan for a search engine, where people want to be quick. It might only have been a second more or something, but on a computer, any unneccessary time spent waiting, especially when you previously didnt have to, IS annoying. Some people wont understand that, but for those that are quick with computers, it's easy to understand. Google also claimed 'a large number of Google employees have been using the new homepage. They have come to really like it'...sorry guys, don't do the testing inhouse. Everyone will have felt obliged to start to use it.....and the idiotic bosses were probably so pleased with this crap fade in, that employees felt embarrassed to say 'stop, this is really shit'. Luckily, google HAVE realised it was really shit, because guess what? The fade in no longer exists now. They realised it was terrible. It probably took lots of user comments to convince them of that though.


07/01/2011 08:44 am

And now they are having to imitate Bing.  How sad is that. Google used to be great, now it's just well...  Poo on a stick.


08/14/2011 09:47 pm

whiskey tango foxtrot!!  This is simpler how?  I must have gone insane.  More complex is the new simpler.


08/14/2011 09:50 pm

tough to agree more.  "But it's only like half a second...." whiners say.  Why is it so tough for these whiners to wrap their head around half second multiplied by the 200 or so times per day is nearly two minutes of wasted time?

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