Google Suggests Searchers Should "Kill Yourself" & Commit Suicide

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A Google Web Search Help thread has a complaint from a worried searcher who stumbled upon a Google Suggestion on how to kill yourself. He said he was searching for tips on killing poisonous mushrooms and when he began typing "how to kill," Google suggested he search for "How to killing yourself."

Here is a picture:

Google Suggests Suicide

Google does sometimes censor the suggestions in the list but typically they are algorithmically driven based on searcher popularity. In this case, it might make sense for Google to filter out these suggestions.

The topic of suicide ads showing up in in AdWords is nothing new. Also, in the past we talked about Google censoring both the ads and organic results for suicide matches. Although censoring results is typically something Google is against, censoring the suggestions is something they have historically done and should do here.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Luke Jones

09/15/2009 01:19 pm

This is ridiculous. It's clearly just users of Google being pedantic and a little immature. The suggestion is clearly poor English, so obviously something searched often by fools.


09/15/2009 02:59 pm

Even more funny is if you put this in.... "how to kill " (with a space at the end)- it then auto completes with "how to kill someone" lol


11/08/2009 05:16 pm

What if people are actually looking for ways to kill themselves? People kill themselves for a reason(s) not for fun. Find out the reason.

the end as come

11/11/2009 01:48 pm

I find most helpfull thax


06/08/2012 08:04 am

Or people with poor english skills.

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