Bing's Home Page Picture Changer Missing For Some

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One of the most talked about features of Bing, Microsoft search engine, is not the search features at all but rather the pictures they show on their home page. It truly keeps people coming back every day. But sometimes people miss the picture shown on a day and they want to go back in history and find it.

Because of that, a while back, Microsoft added a feature to see past images. They added a mouse over feature, where you hover your mouse over the right bottom corner of the image and it lets you scroll back in time to see past images. Here is a picture of that scroll feature:

Bing Home Page Changer

The issue is, for a certain period of time, that feature went missing for many. In fact, I have been noticing several threads on this topic, including this one at the Bing Forums complaining it is missing. I personally always saw it, but then I noticed how this is working in the US, where I am based, but not elsewhere. One user said:

It's only working for the US version. Not for the other, inluding the Canadian (out-of-beta) version!

Kristin from Microsoft replied that she will "make sure to pass along to the Home page team." So if you cannot see it, hopefully you will be able to see it soon.

Forum discussion at Bing Forums.

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01/12/2011 11:53 pm

I loved your home page pictures, but I can't see anymore. What can I do? My Aser notebook showed them before.


03/28/2011 06:22 pm

whis it that some bing pictures tell u what it is and some don't???????????/


05/12/2011 08:38 pm

My home page is stuck on a day in April. How do I get it to change on a daily basis. Barbara


01/10/2012 12:46 am

I am unable to see  images on the Bing Home page in the US

Susan G Palm

04/18/2012 12:47 am

What the heck??? I use the Bing Homepage for the Bing Search Engine and my other browsers. Why can't I see it now on IE. Just happened about 3 days ago and everything I have tried in getting the bing home page back on IE has not far. What do I need to do to resolve this issue???? Puzzeled


04/25/2013 06:34 pm

Please, let me join those who cannot see the homepage pix. I find the pix annyoing.


08/14/2013 06:25 pm

my image on the homepage is missing again! why does this happen?? I don't turn it off.

Meli Matanatoto

09/05/2013 03:29 am

love the bing home page pix but still use google alot of times as my search engine

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