Google's Michael Jackson Logo Sparks Debate

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The Google Logo (Doodle) today is for Michael Jackson's 51st birthday. Yes, Jackson died recently and an outpour of support was felt around the world. Google actually has taken some negative PR due to not having a logo up for the day of his funeral (I didn't write about it, but trust me, there were threads about it).

Here is the logo on Google today:

michael jackson google logo

As I said in the title, there are people who are not happy with Google showing this logo. One asked why a logo for Jackson when no logo for D-Day. Another asked why Google had a logo for Jackson but no logo for Mother Teresa. And two different people asked why is Jackson getting a logo when Senator Kennedy is being buried today.

Of course, Jackson is both loved and hated by many and there is a lot of controversy around his history. But Google did indeed have a logo for his birthday and many of his fans are appreciative. Personally, I prefer the logos of lesser known people who have made a huge impact in our lives, because those people are almost always forgotten. But many fans love the logo and there are positive threads about it also.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help (and others, listed above).

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Jain D'Vine

08/30/2009 10:28 am

You'd have to be an "extraterestrial amoeba" to not have heard any of Michael Joseph Jackson's music. MUSIC is contributory as are all the Arts, and it underscores milestones and events in our lives and their is no legitimate controversy over MJ's TALENT & MUSICAL Giftings...Yes, his personal life seems to have been "Strange" at best, but the OUTSIDER view is NEVER 20/20. Have an excellent day and I suggest you start with the "man" in the Mirror!


08/30/2009 11:28 am

What a nice logo google. We hope you will remember him every year. I agree with the post that says that you have to be an "extraterestrial amoeba" not to have heard his music and more importantly his humanitarian efforts. His legacy will live forever!!!!!


08/30/2009 12:49 pm

I love surprises and when I saw my favorite pose of "Prince Charming" black hi-waters, glittering white socks and penny loafers, My heart beat an extra beat and my temperature rose. Thank you google for the special gesture towards the WORLDS GREATEST ENTERTAINER PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, Michael Jackson. Michael, I Love You More R.I.P. Prince Charming


08/30/2009 03:01 pm

KUDOS! GOOGLE! You have the best LOGO ARTIST EVER! Thank you so much for the wonderful logo in memory of Michael Jackson on his birthday. It surely warms the heart.


08/30/2009 03:05 pm

Loved Google for this. The greatest entertainer of all time deserves this and much more. Great move Google. RIP MJ.

Lisa Odom

08/30/2009 03:56 pm

Dear Google, I want to thank you for putting that logo up there. I actually started to cry because i was so happy from seeing it. I think many people forget just what Michael did. The writer mentioned mother Theresa, but Michael was the most charitable celebrity and still is the most charitable celebrity even after death. He went on tours and did commercials just to raise money solely for the unfortunate children of the world. Things like that are forgotten about Michael. The beautiful things this man did like unite the world together as one and even if for an instance had the whole world realize we are all the same. From black, white, green, purple, blue, orange, diseased, gay, straight, and anything else, he made us believe in a different cause. No other person has done such. Not Mother Theresa, the Pope, Not even OBAMA. When Michael Jackson died the world cried. The world mourned. And the World lost. We didnt just lose the greatest entertainer that will ever grace this earth, But we lost the greatest human being to that showed us what true unconditional love really is. To be beat down and torn apart by the world so badly and to still say I forgive you and kept giving his heart when someone was in need. That there was true unconditional love for the world and every organism on it! So GOOGLE, I applaud and thank you for your OO icon yesterday. And please dont regret it, in fact I beg of you to do it again, next year and forever on out! Sincerely, A Michael Understander!


08/30/2009 03:58 pm

i loved the logo, really made me happy! RIP Michael Jackson!

cherone walker

08/30/2009 09:58 pm



08/30/2009 10:28 pm

This post got me thinking. Typically, I could care less what Google does with their logo, but you point of bringing attention to the masses about lesser known people is a good one. Thanks for adding something to the online discussion.

Not an American

08/31/2009 12:06 am

MJ is a beloved superstar in the world. Google simply represented its users. Let the Americans keep their controversy to themselves, only they care he's black or white.


08/31/2009 01:38 am



08/31/2009 01:40 pm

Is it just me or does anybody else find it odd that this post seems to get more comments than other, much more informative posts on this site?


08/31/2009 03:17 pm

Thank you Google for this tribute. We in Asia loves MJ. We are sad that the Americans do not appreciate him. The Americans media can beat him but you cannot break our love for him as we know the truth. We in Asia and the rest of the world loves this man very much. As someone wrote here, there is a big world out there, bigger than North America that loves MJ unconditionally. We love you the most Michael!!!!

Miss 713

08/31/2009 11:39 pm

I'm glad they honored Michael. Who wants to be reminded of the war (D-Day)...we've already had enough to read in magazines, books, and on the television screen about Mother Teresa...even tots know about her. She rests in our hearts if we supported her through faith. Michael Jackson died recently so it was only the right thing to do by honoring him on many searches have been performed on him? Exactly. Many loyal fans, friends, and family. Go Google. :)

Miss 13

08/31/2009 11:43 pm

Oh and about Kennedy...well we all know of the historical family...from the Best President ever to their heartbreaking tragedies. One love.

one love

09/01/2009 04:02 am

Outstanding logo!!!!Luv it. google you did a fantastic job creating this special logo for mj fans all over the world.well done google!!!!!!!


09/02/2009 01:26 am

you really make me so happy google .seeing the famous and most love tiptoe shoes of the king of pop. complete my entire life...i just can stop loving you mj.

allison Cadogan

09/03/2009 01:11 am

I was a wonderful gesture for a very deserving man. R.I.P Mr Jackson.

The Boogie Woman

09/03/2009 03:54 pm

Thank you Google. You made multitudes of people happy on Michael's birthday - we celebrated it as Heal the World Day in London. Showing respect is always the best method. We now know that there are human beings behind the machine. Forever Michael, The Boogie Woman


09/04/2009 05:17 pm

thank you Google...I'll never forget this

lupita rodriguez

10/26/2009 04:33 am

i love micheal jackson LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP the best logo ever

Tim Thomaon

11/04/2009 04:42 pm

Look Michael had many fans and to be true I hate all that politcal stuff so yeah. He is missed by many people and kennedy is not so yeah!!! I love michael, you can argue but I'm offically michaels biggest fan so yeah!


12/04/2009 01:59 pm

There is nothing wrong with the Michael Jackson logo on Google. Michael was a part of our lives and pop culture for an extremely long time. No matter how people feel about him on the personal level, we should absolutely celebrate his creative music and artistic talent. I happen to be a Michael Jackson fan since the start of his career. What Google tried to do was to show this man some well deserved respect. Thank you Google! There are millions of us globally who celebrate Michael each day. He will always be in our hearts! To Michael, now up above. You didn't go alone, you went with all our love!


07/07/2010 09:57 pm

With all due respect, I 100% agree with the previous comments stating Michael Jackson touched the world than the senator. I would have been extremely upset if Google didn't do make a logo for Michael, so I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want Google to honor the brilliant Michael Jackson. I think Google should have made a logo like this for the anniversary of his death too, but I am very greatful that they did it for his birthday. Like any king, the king of pop deserves our honor.


09/18/2010 07:19 am

Thank you very much google! If he was alive, he would be proud! When he died, I cried for more than a month...and I still am upset. Please use the logo whenever it's his birthday! Thank you again ;) P.S MJ RULES

ibrahim muhammad

01/11/2011 07:35 pm

plz give him some respect and put the logo cuse he is legend plzz


03/01/2011 05:52 pm

Ieeeei YOU DONT KNOW HOW HAPPY GOOGLE MADE ALL MILLIONS OF FANS ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! YOU JUST CANT IMAGINE.. RIP MJ, our fulltime partner, caring soul, genius, both friend and inspiration.


04/17/2011 02:20 pm

RIP , Jako espero algún día aya en el otro mundo donde somos todos iguale y no nos sepan leyes ni continentes ni color,conocerte... amigo mio nos vemos. salúdame al jefe.


05/03/2011 03:52 pm

what's the url for the michael jackson google.


08/30/2011 04:22 pm

The Michael Jackson logo is the most awesome! I hope Google uses that Michael Jackson logo every August 29. 


08/31/2011 06:55 am

we liked  it, too. . .MEOW


04/14/2012 10:25 am

Michael Jackson! His Star Will Shine Forever!!!!


08/12/2012 04:13 pm

loved it and wanting to see it used again this year,there is still time. He is still the greatest entertainer on the 21 century.

Barbara Straughn

08/23/2012 07:29 am

The greatest humanitarian who brought people of all races and religions together in love and peace - a ripple effect which is still spreading around the globe today - he has touched, changed and inspired so many to be better, more compassionate loving people - so many charities, so many suffering people, animals and our beautiful planet have been helped by him very quietly when he was here and now by his fans who are continuing his mission - and you still question why we should mark his birthday???????? I'm sorry but this beggars belief - we know about the media but didn't realise Google was influenced by tabloid garbage too.

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