More Google Advertisers Being Forced into New Interface, Including Me

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Two months ago or so, we reported that some advertisers were being forced into the new AdWords interface. Well, yesterday, I and many other advertisers received the email that we were being forced into the new AdWords interface.

A WebmasterWorld thread has both old and new reports of advertisers being forced into the interface. One advertiser expressed his dissatisfaction with this move, saying:

Ug I was just forced into the new interface. I hate being forced. I do not have time to relearn the whole stupid thing. Please please awa give it back to us. This is so unfair to force something so unpopular.

An other complaint read:

I just got forced into the new-interface-only bin, not best pleased! Why can't old UI be linked since reports, adwords tools, account management and client centre still on old UI?

We ran a poll a while back, where we saw that 56% disliked the new interface. Now, I wonder if more people dislike it or more people are becoming more vocal about it, since being forced into the new interface?

Note, tomorrow is the last day to take part in the new interface webinar offered by Google. A Google AdWords Help thread has a post from AdWordsPro that contains the details, which I will repeat here:

I know I have pinned any number of threads to the top of the page letting you all know about the live and free 'New AdWords Interface Webinars' that have been available for quite some time now.

Today, however, I am posting about what is planned to be the final webinar. So, if you have thought about participating in a live session of the webinar, please make it this one, as it is almost certainly the last chance.

This final webinar is occuring on Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 9:30 AM PDT

As has been mentioned previously in the other threads on the subject, you may register for this free webinar, and/or watch an archived webinar, and/or access a number of userful 'new UI' resources on this page:

New AdWords Interface Webinars

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld & Google AdWords Help.

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08/19/2009 06:16 pm

I, too, have been forced into the new interface and now I have to re-learn everything. It's a little frustrating, but I'm sure I will come around to it.


08/19/2009 07:25 pm

I've been using the new interface for a few months now, and there are a number of features that make it much better than it's predecessor. Although I still think it could run smoother, seems a bit clunky at times.


08/20/2009 06:51 pm

The biggest complaint I have so far is the the new version does not allow you to pause ad scheduling without losing all of your settings. It's on/off and once you turn it off you have to reset everything if you want your settings back.

johnny chandler

08/24/2009 04:38 am

Seems like when you really learn how to use things they all change! maybe the new system will work better in the end. I will have it check it out!


09/04/2009 04:33 pm

I love how it recommends that you download Chrome to use the thing! Why on earth would they optimize for IE which only 80% of the population uses?? What an unethical joke.

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