Google Webmaster Tools Adds Some Features

Jul 22, 2009 • 8:54 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Webmaster Tools recently added some features to the toolkit. Those include the ability to quick search for sites in your profile, block sitelinks for subpages, review page removal requests made by others and fading out the unverified sites on the home page of the tool.

The two most significant changes are the sitelinks addition and removal request addition.

You can now block sitelinks for subpages, here is a picture:

Google Sitelinks

This feature is something they needed to add since displaying inner/deeper page sitelinks back in November 2008.

Also, Google is now displaying third-party requests for page removals. So you can see which pages people want Google to remove from your site and either agree or disagree with that request. Here is a picture:

Google Crawler Access

It would be nice to know who made the request, but I doubt Google would show that.

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Glenn Friesen

07/22/2009 04:00 pm

You can now block sitelinks for subpages? Sweet. Had an issue with that before. Great finding that your site receives the indent of authority. Bad when it's not desired! lol. Great update!!

Ritika Chugh

07/23/2009 04:44 pm

"Those include the ability to quick search for sites in your profile" This is something we have been waiting for. I still don't see how i can get to this quick search. Am i missing something?

Barry Schwartz

07/23/2009 04:53 pm

See picture of how it works at Ritika.

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