Poll: Will You Remove The NoFollow Attributes From Your Pages?

Jul 21, 2009 • 9:03 am | comments (9) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

With the latest on how Google handles the nofollow attribute, I know of many webmasters who are removing them completely from their sites. Instead, they are either not linking out or linking out without the nofollow attribute added to the URLs. However, not all webmasters are going this route.

I was curious to see from our readers how many of you are removing the nofollow attribute from your pages. Please take our anonymous poll below and have your webmaster friends take it as well.

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07/22/2009 06:50 am

Wont be removing them, but as rand pointed out (i think) would be reducing the need for such links in all/many pages and leaving them in only a few key pages.

Jack Laros

07/22/2009 07:39 am

I won't remove the nofollow, but I sure gonna have some seconds thoughts about creating new ones. It's important to remember that all the fuss about the nofollow has oocured almost 1 year AFTER google made the change actually. Since it didn't hurt my SEO efforts since, I guess most of us will keep the business as usual.

lee johnson

07/22/2009 08:33 am

I have taken all the nofollow links of a directory to see what would happen. This was done over a month ago and the traffic has gone up. I have been doing no link building or anything to make the directory make more impact on the engines so this does look like it made a slight difference. For all who want to know what directory this is (http://www.moreuk.com) I will keep you posted to see if this changes.

Drew Stauffer

07/22/2009 12:42 pm

With all the talk about comment links decreasing your link juice as well I wonder if people are going to adjust the way comments are handled on blogs? What do you think Barry?


07/22/2009 01:07 pm

Well, probably blog comments, like this one, will not change the nofollow politics. If you don´t controll the content, nofollow is the best practice in my oppinion... not only for spam, but specialy for avoid PR transmission to content´s competitors websites.

Barry Schwartz

07/22/2009 01:45 pm

Drew, discussed that at http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/020153.html

Abid Shahzad

07/22/2009 03:20 pm

I am against no follow and I have not put them on my blogs. But I prefer to moderate comments allowing links to external pages. I think that promoting good sits is good.


07/22/2009 04:05 pm

How about placing links in java script, I know Google can execute java script but how will treat those links? Like normal links or as they are in java script they are not considered towards PR??


07/23/2009 02:15 am

I would recommend you to remove nofollow links , if you would hide links from search engine put them to JavaScript

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