Before Google News Removes Source, They Often Email Publication

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I am pretty fascinated with how Google News works and how the workflow runs there. I recently spotted a thread at the Google News Help forum which shows how not only does Google review publications periodically, but before removing publications, they may email those publications.

One site owner was upset his site no longer showed up in Google News. Inbal, a Googler, informed this site owner that after receiving some complaints from Google News users, the site was reviewed and removed. Inbal said:

The reason why we stopped crawling your content since July is that we periodically review news sources, particularly following user complaints, to ensure Google News offers a high quality experience for our users. When we reviewed your site we found that we can no longer include it in Google News at this time.

We currently only include articles from sources that could be considered organizations, generally characterized by multiple writers and editors, availability of organizational information, and accessible contact information. When we reviewed your site we weren't able to find this evidence of an organization.

What was more interesting was that Inbal said they do try to contact the publication before removing it, to get more facts about the complaints. Inbal said:

Please be assured that we tried to contact Eritrea Daily via email before removing it from Google News to offer the necessary remedy, however, alas, our emails bounced back, and due to some user complaints about no evidence for an organization behind the source we took this action, as we weren't able to find multiple writers and editors and accessible contact information on your site.

In this case, the publication was restored and placed back in Google News after being removed for a couple weeks. But learning about this process, I admit, does fascinate me a bit.

Forum discussion at Google News Help.

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Tesfazghi H. Gabriel

07/15/2009 02:52 pm

This is what I call it responsibility. You guys are now asured me how responsible you are when you crawl news. The case for Eritrea Daily is the best example. It is a single person website who always write about tribalism and division among the Eritrean population. I was wondering how his articles are always on the top ten news lists whenever you searched a news about Eritrea. He wrote nonsense that emanates from hatered. Good job Google news.


07/15/2009 05:40 pm

Great job of removing Eritrea daily i also never understood why it was always in the top ten reported news on Eritrea. When it never reflected the Eritrean population cause i would phone home i.e Eritrea and ask if this source was true they would reply no. Africa already has enough division and hatred this site been taken down will help decrease untrue hate great job Google once again. The kind of news which Google allows to filter on Eritrea is very interesting sometimes i think it’s being tampered with it sound funny but it’s the way they list unknown unpopular sites as top 10 sometimes like awat com which gets me thinking


07/21/2009 04:16 am

It would be great if google were to inform websites about why their pagerank has diminished. Though not practically possible, this would be of great help.

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