Google Commemorates Nikola Tesla's Birthday

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Nikola Tesla Google Doodle LogoIf you visit today, you will notice a special logo that looks like a coil lighting rode. It is a depiction of the Tesla coil created by Nikola Tesla.

Without Tesla, most people think we would not have had electricity as early as we did. Without electricity, no computers, no computers, no Internet, no Internet, no Google.

Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 and he passed away on January 7, 1943. Today is July 10th, so 153 years later, Google is remembering Nikola Tesla.

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07/10/2009 05:47 pm

In the Tesla documentary, "Tesla, Master of Lightning", Nikola's mother is said to have fingers so nimble she could tie 3 knots in an eyelash. WOW. She was also portrayed as having invented several usefull household tools. Does anybody know what they were?


07/10/2009 05:56 pm

It looks like Adam and @CarbonLifeForm are having their own War of the Currents.

Michael Martinez

07/10/2009 06:08 pm

I think we're seeing a new high-powered form of spambot.

Ray S

07/10/2009 06:50 pm

Dear, Laurice at July 10, 2009 10:57. Get you facts straight. Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was an inventor and a mechanical and electrical engineer. Tesla is an ethnic Serb born in the village of Smiljan, Vojna Krajina, in the territory of today's Croatia. He was a subject of the Austrian Empire by birth and later became an American citizen. So he is Serbian. Happy Birthday Nikola and we need to keep your theories alive and well.


07/10/2009 07:41 pm



07/10/2009 08:01 pm

@Evan Yeah I am reading plenty of stuff of value. Namely from my electrical engineer textbooks. And from IEEE. And from news reports about how they are building brand new DC distribution systems in the United States with the largest one off the coast of Long Island.


07/10/2009 08:05 pm

The greatest SERBIAN ever ,happy birth day!!!


07/10/2009 09:08 pm

Good, keep reading your textbooks and when you finally grow up and learn how the world works you'll understand that, for the most part, when something is commercially successfull, it's usually due to it also being more efficient, scalable, adaptable, and overall, better. You can't successfully market a square wheel, for very long, even if you can stack them better.


07/10/2009 09:31 pm

Let me expand on that last point a bit - the power companies are not philanthropic and providing distributed power for the masses out of the goodness of their hearts. They are in business to make a profit, that is, the net left over from total revenue minus total costs. Anything that will reduce costs will be done in a nanosecond, if it doesn't cost more to do so than they would get back. This process builds in efficiency and streamlining - if people who know what they are doing are in charge. And in the cutthroat world of compitetion in the utility business with the very thin profit margins they have, they will not ignore any method that will give a positive return (at least in the short run#. So, anything can be done given enough time and money, e.g. the LHC, HVDC, boat made of toothpicks to sail the Atlantic, etc. HVDC is not widely used or adopted due to the enormous cost #and danger# of the equipment. #side note - study the explosive characteristics of DC equipment and its history, yet another bad point about dc#. But not everything possible is practical or cost effective, or should be done, and therefore not used. There are only #it seems) a few very small and remote areas using HVDC and accout for a miniscule fraction of the total power consumption in the world. Being that dc was first and still used in anything portable and small, the technology is not unkown to the powers that be, or anyone else learning about electricity starting in grade school. Bottom line: If it was better, it would be used more. Or at least my 20 years working for the utilities and getting a degree in nuclear physics and then an MBA has told me this, but then I may be wrong.


07/10/2009 09:58 pm

@CarbonLifeForm Since when did the Hamptons become remote?


07/10/2009 10:15 pm

That's your response? Pretty weak. Oh well this really is a moot point. It is what it is as far as the state of power distribution and not worth any more time wasted debating. Tesla worked with both and he was a genius in either. That's the real point of this blog. so, whatever.


07/10/2009 11:11 pm

happy birthday sir, you great SERB:)They say u are croat, is that the one croat ustase fascist who killed your entire family,burn your village in WW2 just because u are Serb Orthodox


07/11/2009 02:11 am

@Mirna- he was a SERBIAN, you fool. Both of his parents were Serbian, making him Serbian. if you are born on a boat over the Atlantic what would you be? what ever nationality your parents were. Duh. Plus who cares what nationality he was, he was a great person that changed the world in a positive way :-)

Relja V.

07/11/2009 03:22 am

Srecan ti rodjendan Nas Nikola! Yes, agree with other people, his impact on humanity was huge. Well funded Scientific establishment (in US and around the world) from their armchairs undermine his idea and treat him as good engineer (even excentric). Question, how much money was spent around for energy based research of million experts in last century? Compare the amount with money spent on Tesla's work. Make simple conclusion, who is the men. Great idea and discovery is not something you can pay, or build. About nationality, all we should appreciate him, no mather he was serbian, american, german, indian... (for those who claim he was chroat- he was etnical serbian, born in Vojna Krajina (Austrian province)-today Croatia but he appreciated both Serbian nationality and Croatian matherland during Yugoslavian age). Finally, he is an american scientist-without american support some his ideas would probably never come out. Thanks everybody for comments. God bless!


07/11/2009 03:35 am

ha! got the last word! Nikola - Happy Birthday!


07/12/2009 01:26 am

NIKOLA TESLA (born in Smiljan., 18561943), was a Serb-American physicist and electrical engineer, inventor of the radio and the electric motor and generator.he was born on 28 June (N.S. 9 July), 1856, to Father Milutin Tesla, a priest in the Serbian Orthodox Church, Metropolitanate of Sremski Karlovci and Đuka Mandić His mother Đuka , daughter of a Serbian Orthodox Church priest came from a family domiciled in Lika and Banija, but with deeper origins to Kosovo. Tesla's funeral took place on 12 January 1943, at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in Manhattan, New York City. His body was cremated and his ashes taken to Belgrade, Serbia, then-Yugoslavia in 1957. The urn was placed in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, where it resides to this day.


07/12/2009 02:09 pm



07/12/2009 04:32 pm

@CarbonLifeForm I just gave up arguing with you. First of all Tesla was an engineer who had no clue about the problems involved with transmitting AC power. That my dear friend goes to Olivier Heaviside.


07/15/2009 04:58 pm

without nikola we wouldn't of had tesla the rock band either


08/13/2009 11:00 pm

TESLA once said "present is yours but future is mine" that can become thru thanks to you google


01/17/2010 05:15 pm

To all the asshole capitalists who ruined my planet (our)male/female, edison was promoted by homer, was mr Groening trying to hide stuff like the disinfo on the his-story chunnel? Whatever so much for utopian society without a loving creator!


02/08/2010 01:16 pm

There is more to this than has been formally announced. I will go out on a limb and say maybe on September 9, another Tesla theory was pulled out the pipe dream and demonstrated in reality by the original "G". I think the old Croatian heard a couple angelic "whispers" in them big balls of lightening. ON A PAR AS DALLAS & KENNEDY IS THE HUSH HOLIDAY OF 2009.


05/02/2010 08:07 pm

ladies n gentlemen, with support from mighty GOOGLE we can surely have July 10th as NIKOLA TESLA day. I started blogging just to introduce the best and worst men , to the young world-- one a Croat ( Ante Pavelic ) and the other a Serb ( Tesla ). BOTH MEN WERE BURIED TO HISTORY BY VESTED INTERESTS. you can reach my blog by punching in AJIT VADAKAYIL in google search. i myself wear T shirts with TESLA CLUB emblazoned on it . CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL ..


05/02/2010 08:10 pm

with support from mighty GOOGLE we can surely have July 10th as NIKOLA TESLA day. I started blogging just to introduce the best and worst men , to the young world-- one a Croat ( Ante Pavelic ) and the other a Serb ( Tesla ). BOTH MEN WERE BURIED TO HISTORY BY VESTED INTERESTS. you can reach my blog by punching in AJIT VADAKAYIL in google search. i myself wear T shirts with TESLA CLUB emblazoned on it . CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL ..


07/10/2010 02:14 pm

There is no word to describe this extraordinary man. It's a shame that he's been written out of history, and that most people take for granted what this man gave to the world. Although most people may have no idea who you are, the people who have commented and myself have not forgotten. We salute you. Happy Birthday Mr. Tesla. You are our hero.


06/05/2011 11:07 pm

it says that he PASSED away, but i thought that he was assasinated?

Link Building Blog

07/11/2011 01:20 am

Any one else here because of imgur? But nonetheless thank you mr. Tesla, you are a scholar and a gentleman. Too bad Google didn't do this this year...


07/11/2011 03:46 am

I think also that he was assasinated....


08/24/2011 04:39 am

He died old and broke but was not assassinated.


08/24/2011 04:53 am

Yes, history will be better to Tesla than those of his day. Big interests such as Edison, Westinghouse, and of course the big oil tycoons would have none of his free energy. Tesla's accomplishments are too numerous to mention but the modern world would not exist without him.


08/24/2011 05:06 am

A mechanical eggbeater and other farm tools.


08/24/2011 05:18 am

Tesla was so far ahead of everyone that nobody understood what he was doing. I believe that had he enough financial backing to finish his project at Wardenclyffe, we would have wireless power worldwide by now.  I bet you can't think of anything electric that does not bear the fingerprint of Tesla. According to John Stone Stone,               "Tesla was so far ahead of his time that the                   best of us then took him for a dreamer."


08/24/2011 05:24 am

Very good. Awake oh world that slumbers, Tesla will give you light!


08/24/2011 05:32 am

Principally, Edison and Westinghouse. He was so awesome and the treatment of him so sorrowful that maybe, only hell will avenge Nickola Tesla.


08/24/2011 05:35 am

More brilliant than Einstein and way ahead of everyone else.


08/30/2011 11:46 pm

greatist man who ever lived but is now forgotten in our text books and forever lost in history

F.William Wallace

09/18/2011 04:25 pm

Nikola Tesla his name and all that he did should be in every school classroom. Why is he not in are history class in every school? Tesla was the greatest American ever.


01/07/2012 12:24 am

"I'm glad that Croats consider me their own because my ancestors, Croatian family Koljenovic Draganići, were  Croatian nobles from Zadar.  In the 16th century they came to Lika The ancestors of my mother, Kalinic are also Croatian nobility from New Vinodolski. My great-grandfather, a concatenation of circumstances, had to go in the Bosnian Krajina (Turkish Croatia). There is a married Orthodox Christian and converted to Orthodoxy. He had protruding front teeth, so it is the people called "Tesla" by tools which work on the wood and hence the current name and my Tesla, which is actually a nickname. My grandfather was an officer in the Lika regiment, and my father, an Orthodox priest! "These sentences are from the unpublished diary of Nikola Tesla

Paranoia RockNRoller

05/29/2012 12:47 am

Because He wasnt american. He was, I think, serbian.


07/09/2012 10:44 pm

F.William Wallace u are stupid Nikola Tesla is a Serb not fucking American!!

Peder Van Roest Dahl

07/10/2012 07:02 am

didnt he get american citizenship?


07/10/2012 09:45 am

You can take Japanese citizenship, does that mean you're Japanese?


07/10/2012 01:44 pm

Finally, a voice of reason :) He was born in Austro-Hungarian Empire, on the territory of Croatia, his parents were of Serbian nationality. In his own words he was "A Croatian man of Serbian origin", so I guess I'll listen to the man himself! Wonder when the jerks will stop nitpicking and counting the blood cells... How about focusing that energy to something else, like... I don't know... Learning perhaps? Trying to continue his legacy?


07/10/2012 01:57 pm

he was born in what is now called croatia


07/10/2012 02:16 pm

Please do not tell me about where Tesla was born and who he is, because I read a lot about him and he is my main hero!

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