Google's Recent PageRank "Technical Quirk"?

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It seems like there are several threads around the SEO forum space that have discussion on a recent PageRank update. Yes, even more recent then the June PageRank update.

There is a WebmasterWorld thread, a few DigitalPoint Forum threads and a few Google Webmaster Help threads. I will only link to two, but there are plenty out there.

In the Google Webmaster Help, Googler, JohnMu, replied to one webmaster saying that he/she should not worry about the last PageRank change because it was likely a "technical quirk."

The way John said it, made it sound like the error was on Google's side. Here is what John said:

You have a nice-looking site :). As far as I can tell, it looks like the change in Toolbar PageRank for your site is only due to some technical quirk and not something that you need to worry about.

So I am wondering if the recent PageRank update noticed by a small percentage of webmasters, was a technical bug on Google's front?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Google Webmaster Help.

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07/03/2009 01:13 pm

Honestly, I'm convinced that the PageRank issue from several months ago was due to Google's "change of policy" regarding NoFollow. We saw one of our client sites drop like a bomb after we applied NoFollow. We've since reversed that work and are expecting their PageRank to significantly increase next go around.

the Jim Gaudet

07/03/2009 02:15 pm

I saw my PR disappear on my main page and then come back a week later...


07/06/2009 05:57 am

I also saw a fluctuation in my site's PR, but it come back within a day.


07/06/2009 06:00 am

I also saw a fluctuation in my site's PR, but it come back within a day.


10/10/2011 10:33 pm

until now, the search status is not functional.. it seems its not an error on my part coz my friends quirk is not functional. Is there an update on the addon or update on pagerank? 

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