How Important is DMOZ in Your SEO Process?

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A WebmasterWorld thread asks if DMOZ is still relevant in 2009? DMOZ is a legendary web directory and has a ton of history. But is it still a critical or what it ever a critical part of your overall SEO or link building strategy?

I don't often see discussions around DMOZ (Open Directory Project) these days. In the past, the SEO forums were more likely to have an active discussion around the value and tips for submitting to DMOZ. Nowadays, I don't see it too much.

So I decided to create a poll and hope to get some responses from you on how important DMOZ is to you, as an SEO. Here is the poll:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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07/03/2009 02:38 pm

are they still accepting sites?whats the use in accepting when they have decided they are no longer gonna accept any more

No Name

07/04/2009 05:09 am

I don't see DMOZ results in SERP as they use to be anymore...


07/04/2009 06:06 am

now days the ppl don't submit their site to DMOZ.


07/04/2009 04:45 pm

While DMOZ use to be very powerful back in the day I don't believe the power exists today. Waste of your time trying to get listed in the directory.


07/06/2009 07:10 am

DMOZ is a powerfull directory, but it takes a lot time for approval, so once submit in it and forget. It's waste of time to wait for it.

No Name

07/07/2009 04:04 am

DMOZ is almost dead! We still submit but we completely forget about it, it isn't providing the incredible link juice it would years ago.

Bill Sebald

07/08/2009 05:02 am

I still see - although rarely - Google SERPs that are still pulling from DMOZ. The last time was 3 months ago.


07/13/2009 06:50 am

DMOZ is a total effin joke, they are so disorganized and disfunctional, I've been trying to get a long-established site, with over a million monthly visitors, listed on there for about five years now. DMOZ acknowledged at one point that, and I quote: "the Crash of '06 wiped out most of the pending suggestions" and told me to submit again, which I did, and then they still never posted the site. Read the whole blog here: So if there is this well-defined although ultra-discrete development process under way at DMOZ, having anybody have to wait for five years and still not get a meaningful answer about why a clearly significant site can not get listed is just total crap to me. This lack of transparency in operations for a site that is supposed to be like a super-vetted directory of the Internet, like a wiki-directory moderated by uber-literati, is a total joke. Humanity does not need this kind of failed construct with such a horrendously poor customer service capability and it should be utterly disregarded.


08/25/2009 12:20 pm

DMOZ is like the public service. No-one cares and they just do their own duties officiously. If there is no active editor in the category you want then nothing will happen. Or the editor may be your competitor and there may be no-one checking what they do. I would suggest becoming an editor and entering the site yourself. DMOZ is no longer very important. But it you can get in then that is free credibility. Your site becomes classified as being about the same topic as other sites in that category, and you get some page rank also.


02/24/2010 03:43 pm

I have been waiting for about 3 months now to get into dmoz. I guess you just have to submit and forget about it. I haven't seen any sign of my site getting listed.


07/24/2010 04:29 am

I think I have to agree with Anthony. You can't hold your breath about getting listed with DMOZ because you just NEVER know how long it will take. But if you do, that's just the icing on the cake.


10/28/2010 02:14 am

I have been waiting a very long time too, almost 8 months. My site is quality and I just don't think that DMOZ is worth it anymore.


10/31/2010 06:29 pm

Our site was on DMOZ but then got removed. I've tried to get it relisted but was told that the content was 'dubious and possibly misleading'. In the REAL world, our customers said how informative and useful the content was and, indeed, it is a world apart from our competitors. On a slightly different tack, I applied to become an editor, listing a competitor (whom I've known for a long time and who is well-respected) and they told me they wouldn't list him because he doesn't list his address (he works from home and wants to keep it private). DMOZ should be scrapped!!!

Laptop Fiyatları

12/20/2010 12:14 pm

thank you very much, I have been waiting a very long time too, almost 8 months. My site is quality and I just don't think that DMOZ is worth it anymore.

SEO Professionals

08/29/2011 01:08 pm

 DMOZ is a form of open directory project web site. It offers free listing for your web site. You do not need to attend SEO school to know that FREE is good! Its goal is to categorize the web sites that are presented here based on a concept that is useful to all users. This is done by volunteers and can be ranked as one of the largest when it comes to directories. When a site is listed here it quickly gains popularity because this directory is one of the most regularly used by Google.


11/14/2011 05:37 am

depends what field your entry is all about. most common one take forever to get approved.

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