How To Remove a Facebook Page in Google Search

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A Google Webmaster Help thread has a searcher asking Google how they can remove a Facebook page from Google. The page has been deleted from Facebook, but it still shows up in the Google Cache.

Googler, Wysz, gave the searcher a detailed explanation of how he can remove this Facebook page. I'll quote him word for word:

In this case, you'll want to do a cache removal request, which does not require the page to return a 404; it just requires that the webmaster modifies the content. While going through the steps documented in the help link below, you'll want to choose "The site owner has modified the page..." option. Make sure you include the correct URL (the Facebook page you mentioned, not the URL of Google's cache) and only mention terms that were on the page but are no longer there. (Don't use "Facebook" as a term, as that is likely still on the page.)

So go to this document to learn more and if you have questions, hit Wyzs up in the thread.

Forum discusison at Google Webmaster Help.

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Erdal Gul

07/01/2009 01:22 pm

thanks for sharing this great info. It was not so clear how to do that. Now we have that info.

Rob Abdul

07/02/2009 08:45 am

Indeed, thank you for sharing.

Katryst Jerszae

02/13/2010 04:47 am

If everything else fails, you could just hire Reputec, which is an online PR firm. I heard that they can get rid of whatever you want off the Internet in no time. Their main concern is with reputation management but I'm pretty sure they can do what you want so easily.

Jerold Lukaszuk

05/02/2010 06:28 am

I deleted this comment off of Facebook and it still pops up on Google. I don't know why and I would appreciate it if you removed it because I don't want to get penalized in the future for something that I commented on when I was younger and immature having while facebook. Thanks alot if you delete it :)


05/13/2011 10:17 am

the problem is that after doing the cache removal the page title keeps appearing in the search results... 

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